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Weird and Wonderful: 8 Unusual Things You Can Make Over A Fire Grill

Once you cook your food over a fire grill, you never go back. At KUDU Grills, the art of open fire cooking is an experience close to our hearts, so close that we do more than just grill meat around here. We’ve had our fair share of fire cooking occasions, some even with gas grills (gasp!). But today, we can proudly conclude that cooking food over the open fire is our way of life. So, naturally, we take grilling to a whole new level by cooking anything and everything over the fire grill. Read below as we share some of the unusual dishes you can cook on the open fire grill.
Strange and Spectacular: Our 8 Unusual Dishes to Cook Over a Fire Grill
1. Wake up With the KUDU: Pancakes on the Grill
The kids love it, and secretly, so do you. There’s nothing that makes mornings better than crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes. And of course, don’t forget about the maple syrup! Too much pancake batter has fallen (burnt) at the hands of an overheated stove plate. Cooking your pancakes on the grill will allow you to maintain an even amount of heat until the very last bit of batter goes into the pan. Check out our video as our Founder, Stebin Horne, shows us how easy it is to make breakfast with the KUDU Grill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E_SjBZgmE0
2. Taco Tuesday Has a New Groove: Tacos on the Grill
Take your Taco Tuesday to a whole new level by cooking tacos over the fire grill! Use the flames to get your taco shells nice and crispy, and let the open fire work its magic with your meat and other ingredients. Watch our video to see how we make tacos on the KUDU Grill in a few simple steps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBIeq-hR7jc
3. What’s Poppin’: Popcorn on the Grill
Need a crunchy snack to keep the kids (or yourself) occupied while the main course is grilling? Step away from the microwave! Popcorn is a crowd favorite, and we promise you’ll taste the difference cooking it over the open fire.
4. Seafood Over Flames: Oysters on the Grill
Think past your usual grilled fish on the fire and take it up a notch with oysters on the grill! If you buy them while they’re still enclosed in their shell, you need to grill them until they pop open, and then they are ready to serve. For our KUDU Oysters al Pastor recipe, however, we suggest you use raw oysters half on the shell so you can fill it up and grill it with a delicious al pastor sauce.
5. Takeout Made With Fire: Pizza on the Grill
Making pizza over a fire grill is so easy; you’ll be cutting back on those calls to Pizza Hut and start making your own! The best thing about pizza is that you can truly make it your own, and it’s a great way to get the kids involved too. Our KUDU Black and Blue Pizza is an all-time favorite at KUDU Grills, but of course, you can add as many toppings as you like.
6. A Summer Feast: Fruit on the Grill
Fruit is already packed with incredible bursts of sweetness and tangy flavor. So, grilling them over the fire will only bring out more of what they have to offer. Fruit like watermelon, pineapple, and peaches do amazingly on an open fire grill. Give a few of our grilled fruit recipes a try, like Grilled Watermelon and Pineapple and Grilled Peach Salad, and taste for yourself!
7. Grilled Dip for Chips: Avocado on the Grill
This is a fresh new take on chips and dip that may or may not have your guests full before the main course. Leave the avocado halves face-down on the grill for about three or four minutes and turn them over to see those beautiful grill lines. Then, sprinkle the seasoning of your choice with a squeeze of lime. This is a fun way to give each of your guests their own guacamole dip!
8. Veggies for the Win: Grilled Sweet Potatoes
For a healthier yet still tasty version of a burger’s best friend chips, roasted sweet potato on the grill is your new go-to side dish. Our Grilled Sweet Potatoes recipe brings you sweet and crispy wedges perfectly grilled over the open fire.
How the KUDU Grill Helps You Cook the Weird and Wonderful
What better way to cook a diverse range of dishes than with a grill that can help you cook anything? The KUDU Grill can grill, boil, bake, fry, and sauté your food to crispy, golden delights while providing a fun yet simple grilling experience. Its multi-functional capabilities allow you to grill more dishes in less time than your average open fire grill. So, with endless grilling options and ease of use, you’ll have the confidence to try out more adventurous dishes with each cookout. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get your hands on the grill that’ll inspire you to keep cooking outdoors. And remember to take a look at our recipes for more creative and adventurous grilling ideas!