A grilling system designed for cooking over an open fire, KUDU’s innovative elevated grate system invites you to grill, saute, sear, fry, boil, smoke and steam your food in the comfort of your backyard.
Constructed from heavy gauge steel, the KUDU grate system is anchored by elevation bars on either side of the grill. Simply raise and lower to control heat level and intensity.
Once the cooking is complete, the KUDU turns into a stunning vertical fire feature with the addition of our fire rings.


What KUDU Users Have to Say


Love my Kudu! I have a number of grills from an Egg to a Calderon grill and I find it much easier to set up and start the Kudu. I love the portability of the grill as well. It took sometime to figure out the correct amount of charcoal to use, but once I figured that out, have been able to cook/grill everything from fish, meatballs, burgers, wings, ribs, etc. Seasoning the grill as you pointed out below is key as well as keeping it clean and dry.

Tony Castelli

My experience with the Kudu Fire Rings: They are the icing on the cake. My friends couldn’t believe how well built the Kudu is, and how quickly you can assemble. I continue to be amazed as well.

When I took the grates off and threw the fire rings on we had such a memorable experience sitting by the fire. They were quick to point out that the smoke rises vertically due to the rings.

Austin Bryant

Google Review

So i had my first experience last night with the Kudu Grill. I am not a grill master nor do I claim to be; however, I also have both a gas grill and a green egg. I have to say that the Kudu is by far the best grill that i have. it is SO easy and versatile. My wife commented last night, “Wow. This is unreal. Can the Kudu be a week night thing too?” If i can Kudu, anyone can Kudu. I recommend it to everyone.

Tom Swift

Google Review