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Outdoor Cooking War: Gas Versus The Open Fire

The open fire versus gas grill debate continues to be fueled (get it?) by diverse opinions amongst outdoor cooking enthusiasts. And as lovers of everything outdoors and grilling, we thought we’d pull out our weapons too. Just kidding, although we are prepared to fight this battle to the end. Wood, and eventually coal, were the first fuels ever used to cook food. But as we evolved over time, so did our cooking methods. We can appreciate the ease and convenience that a gas grill brings, but nothing compares to the experience an open fire brings to your outdoor gathering. And we’re sure the cavemen are with us on this one too. Read below as we contribute to the gas versus open fire grill war, and why the KUDU Grill can take on a gas grill any day.

A Good ol’ Pros and Cons List: Gas Versus the Open Fire

For the sake of not coming across as completely biased, we’ve drawn up a list of pros and cons for both gas and open-fire grilling.
The Pros of Gas Grilling
1. Convenience
Let’s get the most obvious pro out of the way. With a gas grill, you’re basically ready to get grilling at the push of a button. When you’re caught between using your stove or cooking dinner outdoors, a gas grill makes that choice relatively easy, that much we’ll admit.
2. Temperature Control
A gas grill gives you more control over your heat without having to ‘feed the fire.’ They’re less needy than open fire grills in that way.
3. Easy Clean-Up
They can help with any of the tasks mentioned above, as well as grilling the meat. However, you need to supervise them at all times and guide them through the grilling process, depending on which meat they’re cooking.
The Cons of Gas Grilling
1. Time to Say Goodbye
Gas grills aren’t exactly known for their mobility. So, if it’s the only grill you have, the chances of you enjoying a delicious grilled meal on your next camping trips are minimal.
2. Not Hot Enough
Although it can definitely cook your food, a gas grill doesn’t provide as much heat to open fire. Not much actually does.
3. No Smokey Flavor
We’re not sure about you, but we can’t live without a smokey taste in our grilled dishes. Because a gas grill doesn’t create smoke, your food will often not live up to the glory of steak that’s come straight off the open fire.
open fire The KUDU Grill, and hot coals ready to cook you a hearty meal.
The Pros of Open Fire Grilling
1. Grilling on The Go
Most open fire grills are made for travel. Grilling on the go is simple and easy when you can set up and pack away in a flash. This also means making more memories around the fire in your favorite remote places.
2. Wood is Good
Wood just makes grilled food taste better. This is because the cellulose, responsible for holding strands of wood together, gives off an aroma when it’s burnt. And this is what gives your food a spicy, and some would even say, ‘bacon’-ish flavor.
3. Brings the Heat
Charcoal and wood burn hotter than gas. So with open fire, you have a wider range of cooking options. You can even bake on a grill.
The Cons of Open Fire Grilling
1. The Dreaded Clean-up
Everyone loves barbecue day — until it’s time to clean up, that is! And we will admit, with many charcoal grills, you have your work cut out for you. However, our KUDU Grill is designed to make this easier!
2. Less Temperature Control
Learning to control the heat of an open fire is quite the lesson for a beginner outdoor chef. Especially when it comes to cooking various kinds of meat. However, once you’ve gotten a feel for it, you’ll be a pro in no time! We also have a list of useful hacks to master the open fire grill heat control.
3. Fire is Fire
There are a lot more risks involved when cooking with open fire. You need to be careful and monitor it at all times. But with a sturdy workhorse like the KUDU Grill, safety and convenience can go hand-in-hand with playing with fire
The Open Fire Grill That Does It All: The KUDU Grill
You had to know we were going to redeem the cons of cooking with open fire somehow, right? The KUDU Grill is the master of all open fire grills. It offers the raw experience of cooking outdoors along with the convenience we modern cavemen have become so accustomed to. Unlike many outdoor wood grills, the KUDU can be assembled in seconds and is ideal for the beginner and seasoned outdoor chef. Thanks to its adjustable grill grates, temperature control is a breeze, and you can cook any dish you desire — all on one fire, all at the same time. And, when it’s all over — and you’re dreading the big clean-up — the KUDU allows you to preserve your coals for the next cookout. The KUDU is a grill that can take down a gas grill anytime, any day. Thanks to its design’s beauty and simplicity, we at KUDU Grills plan on cooking with open fire for years to come. Watch our video to find out why the KUDU is the grill for you.
Join the Winning Team: Viva The Open Fire
Do you want a grill that does it all? That offers the raw experience of outdoor cooking while providing the convenience that makes it all worthwhile? Get the KUDU Grill today and start making memories in your backyard. Contact us today, and we can tell you more about the benefits of our one-of-a-kind KUDU Grill.