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Prime Time: How to Cook Delicious Ribs on the Grill

There is a certain magic that unfolds when you cook ribs on the grill. From the sweet and tangy aroma as it fizzles over the fire to that melt-off-the-bone moment when you dig in. Ribs remain one of the most rewarding dishes to cook over the open fire. Although they aren’t tough to grill, there are a few tricks you can use to get them juicy, tender, and packed with smokey flavor. The secret? It’s cooking them on the KUDU Grill, of course. Read below as we share our secrets to smoking ribs on the grill with the best grill for the job.
Slow-Cooking and Smoking Ribs on the KUDU Grill
1. Choose Your Wood
We love using Camelthorn wood that we bring in from Namibia in Africa. It is one of the hardest woods in the world and has this lovely floral flavour, enhancing your food’s taste. It does not take over the taste of your food, but simply enhances it.
2. You’ve Heard it All Before: Hero the Heat
We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue to repeat it; the quality of your fire will always determine the quality of your food. Building the perfect fire is the first crucial step to serving the ribs that’ll have your guests’ fingers sticky and wanting more. Once you’ve got your flames going, you’ll want to put a thick, smoldering piece of wood behind your ribs to produce as much smoke as possible.
3. Time to Cook Low and Slow
You need to cook your ribs at a consistent temperature that isn’t too high or too low for low and slow cooking. To decipher your temperatures, keep your hands above your fire and count how long you can hold it there. Anything between one and five seconds is too hot, and any time over 12 seconds is not hot enough. If you can keep it there for about ten seconds, it’s the perfect temperature for slow cooking and, ultimately, smoking those ribs to tender and juicy perfection.
4. Raising the Bar With Ribs
Once you have the perfect flames, put your marinated ribs on the grill grate and directly on the level you determined is the ideal temperature. Getting this right will allow for a smooth and steady grilling experience. Your ribs get to absorb all the smokey goodness for as long as they need to. One of the best things about grilling with the KUDU is the adjustable grill grates and elevation bars. Don’t get us wrong, it’s always best to get your fire temperature just right. But if it happens to be a little off, you can simply adjust your grill grate and place your food lower or higher above the flames. This allows your food to cook at the appropriate temperature regardless of how rusty your fire-building skills are.
5. Smoke it Baby
Consider using our KUDU Smoker Lid will help bring that decadent smoky taste to your ribs. Take a look at our video as our Founder Stebin goes into more detail about slow-cooking your ribs using the KUDU Smoker Lid and cooking sides all at the same time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VppfLEe2CAY
The Apple of my Ribeye: Some Ribs Recipes for You to Try
1. KUDU Lamb Crown
If you’re wanting to go all-out on barbecue day, this is the dish of choice. A crown filled with veggies and rosemary-infused goodness is sure to have your guests’ jaws dropping and mouths watering.
2. Grilled Racks of Lamb
Everyone loves a good rack of lamb as it’s a real delicacy. And this olive oil and garlic-flavored recipe is an extravaganza on the grill. Serve with a side of grilled sweet potatoes, and you’ve got yourself a comforting homemade meal.
3. Grilled Lamb Ribeyes
There’s nothing better than cooking your meat right on the grill grate. This recipe allows all the smokey flavor you crave to seep into the tender flesh of your ribs.
Why We Love Grilling With the KUDU
The KUDU is for the outdoor chef who wants to grill and socialize. Or, who simply wants to open up a cold beer and watch the game while the meat grills away. The KUDU Grill allows for a stress-free grilling experience thanks to its multi-functional capabilities. The adjustable grill grates and elevation bars allow you to ‘forget’ about your food and still come back to it grilling to perfection. There’s no need to monitor or stand next to the fire until your dish is ready. And unlike many other grills, you can add more fuel to your fire as you grill and go.
Get Grilling With the KUDU
Grilling with the KUDU makes outdoor cooking more convenient, fun, and delicious! It’s the new and improved way to grill that’ll have you cooking not only ribs but all your meals in your backyard. Contact us today, and we’ll tell you more about how you can live the outdoor cooking dream with a grill that works for you.