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Roast Rules: 8 Rotisserie Dishes You Can Make On a Wood Fire Grill

Using a rotisserie on your wood fire grill isn’t strictly reserved for roasting your chicken. There are many weird and wonderful things you can stick on a spit and turn to barbecue gold. And since you are probably already aware of the decadence a rotisserie brings to your grilled dishes, you’ll want to get in on them too. The slow-roasting, rotating action results in succulent slices of perfectly grilled meat — and only a rotisserie can do that. So, why not take it further than the ol’ Sunday roast chicken and get adventurous! Read below as we give you eight (other) things you can cook on a rotisserie.
Our Favorite Rotisserie Dishes on the Wood Fire Grill
1. Love Me Tender: KUDU Rotisserie Pork Bulgogi
Naturally, we had to include one of our very own recipes. And this one’s a keeper. Using a rotisserie grill already has a fantastic way of making the toughest meat deliciously succulent and smokey all the way through. So, imagine what I could do for your already-tender piece of pork! Our simple recipe leaves you with a sweet and tangy rotisserie pork bulgogi that’ll have all your guests sneaking in line for their third helping.
2. Crispier With Each Turn: Leg of Lamb
Are you looking to switch it up for Sunday lunch? A rotisserie leg of lamb should have everyone’s mouth watering in anticipation. Even the dog’s tongue will be wagging when it gets a sniff of this aroma! Use the rotisserie grill to get that perfectly crispy outer layer, with a tender and soft inside. Any rotisserie lamb recipe would pair well with a side of our Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Salad.
3. Outdoor Dinner Party on a Budget: Roast Beef
Beef is one underrated cut of meat. But we’re here to give it the credit it deserves. Not only is it a budget-friendly alternative for when you have a houseful of guests, but it is a winner on the rotisserie as well. It’s already packed with so much flavor, so putting it on the rotisserie will only make this dish that much more decadent. Check out our video below when our Founder, Stebin Horne, went live in Atlanta to talk all things rotisserie and grill out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozIFrllqHtA
4. A Meaty Treat: Baby Back Ribs
Let’s be honest; ribs are just one of those cuts that are most likely to come out delicious no matter how you cook them. However, nothing really matches up to the quality of crunch and smokey flavor they get from when you cook them on a rotisserie. Remember to add a sweet element to your marinade (like apple sauce) to get that scrumptious tangy taste when it comes off your wood fire grill.
5. Thanksgiving With a Twist: Turkey
While most people spend their Thanksgiving in their hot and stuffy kitchens, you can spend yours outdoors by cooking your turkey on the rotisserie. You’ll need sturdy and reliable rotisserie equipment as your turkey will be a bit on the heavier side with all the vegetable stuffing.
6. Not Your Average Sandwich: Ham
Sure, you can get away with microwaving your ham before serving it to your guests. But putting it on the rotisserie will add an unmatched flavor and form a perfectly crispy crust. Depending on the size of your ham, it’ll probably take 10-15 minutes per pound for it to be ready. To make a crunchy, sweet crust, create a glaze with honey, cloves, cinnamon, and lemon juice and lather it onto the ham as it rotates over the fire.
7. Dinner for Two: Steak Kebabs
Unless you have multiple rotisserie kebabs, you may want to keep this recipe for more intimate moments. A perfect summer dish filled with flavor and color, steak kebabs on the rotisserie make for the best’ outdoor date night’ dish. Grab your green and yellow peppers, your favorite veggies, and chopped steak pieces, and skewer them onto your rotisserie. Then baste them with the dressing of your choice while they grill.
8. Now for Something Sweet: Pineapple
Yes, the rotisserie can take care of dessert too! And a real grill master knows that fruit over the open fire offers a burst of flavor — the perfect way to end barbecue day. Rotisserie pineapple is a light and rather healthy dessert that your guests won’t be able to get enough of. If you think pineapple on the grill is amazing, we insist that you pop it on the skewer and get it rotating with a sweet glaze for an even better taste.
Cooking With the KUDU Grill and KUDU Rotisserie
If it wasn’t obvious already, here at KUDU, we love our meats, and that’s why we had to create a rotisserie that worked perfectly with the KUDU Grill. This accessory offers space to roast a whole chicken, pork, beef roasts, and much more. And thanks to the diversity of the KUDU Grill, you can baste your meats and cook sides all at the same time. Cooking outdoors is a breeze with a grill that’s designed to cook anything. Contact us today or visit our online shop to see what accessories we offer for exciting and convenient outdoor cooking.