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Junior Outdoor Chef: Ideas and Tips for Grilling With Kids

Grilling with kids is a great way to make barbecue day more wholesome. We’re sure you have fond memories of your folks starting up the grill in your childhood backyard. And we can’t blame you for wanting to pass on a few grilling traditions to your own kids. But, of course, like any parent, you probably have some safety concerns. However, there are a few ways you can get your kids involved in grilling without causing them any harm. By designating age-appropriate grilling tasks and making them fun, your kids will jump with excitement whenever you utter the words ‘let’s grill.’ Read below as we give you a few ideas and tips for grilling with kids.
Setting Age Appropriate Grilling Tasks
Of course, it’s essentially up to you to decide what kind of grilling tasks your kid can handle. But here are some guidelines as to what would usually be appropriate according to age groups.
For the Little Ones (5-7 Years)
These junior chefs can help with the food prep. This includes gathering ingredients that will be used to season, rinsing vegetables, buttering rolls, and setting the table. To make things more fun, ask them to organize all that’s needed for grilling S’mores and watch how quickly they get things done.
For the Big Kids (8-13 Years)
This age group can be a little more involved in the meat prep. They can assist in seasoning and marinating chicken, burgers, and chops. You can also ask them to help with making salads and putting fruit or vegetables on skewers. Don’t be shy to ask them to assist the little ones too.
For the Tweens and Teens (13-16 Years)
They can help with any of the tasks mentioned above, as well as grilling the meat. However, you need to supervise them at all times and guide them through the grilling process, depending on which meat they’re cooking.
Safety Tips for Grilling With Kids
1. Be Stern About Fire Safety
Just as you would with the kitchen stove or a boiled kettle, you need to teach your kids to be safe around an open fire grill. You can create an imaginary or physical safety zone around the grill that they cannot pass without adult supervision.
2. Get Them Kid-Friendly Grilling Tools
If you consider your kids of age to grill, you may want to get them grilling accessories that they can use comfortably. Some grilling tools are oversized and sometimes awkward for even adults to handle. Providing them with appropriately sized tools will also keep them safe when flipping those burgers on the grill.
3. Give Them Cool (Safer) Dishes to Grill
Start your kid’s first grilling experience off with something small and easy to grill. Things like hotdogs, burgers, and of course, S’mores are the best way to get them involved in some open-fire grilling. For the younger ones, think of dishes that they can customize or make their own. A great idea is to have a ‘topping station’ for flatbread pizzas where they can add their own ingredients. There is no happier child than one who thinks they made their own dinner!
Our Kid-Friendly Grilling Recipes
KUDU Camp-Side Burgers
Every kid loves a good ol’ fashioned grilled burger, so they’d love it even more if they could grill their own. Our Camp-side burger recipe is simple and easy to make, perfect for showing your kid the ropes when it comes to open-fire cooking. burgers on the grill
KUDU Grilled Watermelon and Pineapple
Your kids will get a kick out of grilling fruit. Our Grilled Watermelon and Pineapple recipe is an excellent way for you and your kids to have fun and get creative with your grilling.
KUDU Black and Blue Pizza
Pizza is the way to any kid’s heart, so why not allow them to help you grill it? Our KUDU Black and Blue Pizza recipe is a concoction of cheesy goodness, but you can let your kids go wild with the toppings of their choice.
Why the KUDU is the Perfect Grill Your Kid’s First Try
There is no better and safer grill for your kid to cook on than the KUDU Grill. Its versatility and flexibility will allow your young chef ease of use and, therefore, safe cooking. Thanks to the adjustable elevation bars, the food will still get all the heat it needs while keeping your kid a safe distance from the fire. You can even adjust the bars and grate height according to their size for even more convenience.
Train Your Junior Outdoor Chef With the KUDU
Grilling isn’t just about the delicious dishes that come off the grill; it’s about making memories too. At KUDU Grills, we value making your outdoor cooking experiences one to remember. And we know it wouldn’t be as memorable without those you love to share it with. Contact us today, and we’ll give you what you need to make more outdoor cooking memories with your family.