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The Best Grilling Accessories for Outdoor Cooking in 2021

You need the best grilling accessories to make the best grilled dishes; it’s as simple as that. Although, no shortage of tools can stop a true master griller from whipping up a fine grilled meal. But, you’ll come to find that having the proper grilling tools is just as important as using the right recipe. So, if you’re ready to turn steaks and turn heads, you need a trusty set of the best grilling accessories. We list our favorite must-have grilling tools, so you can have an easier time at the grill but still impress your guests.
1. To Grab and to Hold: Tongs
When you’re flipping those burger patties and chops, a regular fork just won’t do. You need a pair of good-quality tongs for when you require a little more grip. Many people also don’t realize that not all tongs are created equal. The best kind is heavy-duty and spring-loaded, allowing you to gently turn your food, not stab at it. Our KUDU Grilling Tongs can handle anything. You can use it to turn your vegetables, your meat, and even your lobster. It has a double scissor mechanism that allows you to strengthen your grip with minimal effort, allowing you to keep a safe distance from the flames.
KUDU grilling tongs accessory KUDU Grilling Tongs.
2. Be Saucy: A Dutch Oven Pot
We know what you’re thinking, but a Dutch Oven doesn’t only have to be used for making winter dishes. You can use it to make your main dish even juicier by letting it brew in a mouth-watering sauce or gravy. And you can even use it for baking some homemade bread. Our KUDU Dutch Oven is a durable and must-have grilling tool. You can purchase the pot on its own or the package set that features our Dutch Oven Hanger. And if you’re still keen to fit in a few more winter dishes before the summer heat sets in, take a look at our delicious potjie recipes.
KUDU Dutch Oven The KUDU Dutch Oven.
3. Know What’s Hot: A Digital Thermometer
The last thing you want is to give your guests food poisoning from uncooked meat. In fact, the only things they should leave with are satisfied bellies and some leftovers. That’s why you need a thermometer to help you determine whether or not your meat is cooked all the way through. It can be easy to assume your dish is cooked just by looking at it from the outside. But, no matter how crisp that chicken leg may appear, it could still need a few more minutes over the flames to grill just right. By simply sticking it into the flesh, a digital thermometer can give you an accurate temperature reading in a matter of seconds. And this also prevents you from tearing your meat apart just to see if it’s cooked through.
4. More Fire, More Grill: Charcoal Baskets
One of the many things we take pride in at KUDU Grills is providing a grill and grilling tools that make outdoor cooking more convenient. And one of our tools that provides the most convenience has to be our KUDU Charcoal Basket. Cooking on a regular grill often limits you to grilling one dish at a time, but not when you’re using the KUDU Grill and the KUDU Charcoal Basket. Our charcoal baskets allow you to create different heat zones all in one fire pit. And this will enable you to cook multiple dishes on the same grill. Put an end to those annoying “is it done yet?” questions by searing, sauteing, and frying all at the same time. This accessory also helps you minimize the amount of fuel you would usually use to grill a meal.
KUDU Charcoal Basket on the KUDU Grill KUDU Charcoal Basket on the KUDU Grill.
5. Turn Your Grill Into a Smoker: A Smoker Lid
Infusing our dishes with delicious smokey flavor is the sole reason why we grill. It’s the irreplaceable and decadent taste that can only be achieved through cooking over the open fire that keeps us grilling again and again. With our KUDU Smoker Lid, you can enhance the smokey flavor we know you crave. It entraps all the flame’s smokey goodness, allowing your food to absorb as much of it as possible. There are so many different ways to use a smoker lid, so this tool is definitely a must-have to add to your grilling accessories.
KUDU Smoker Lid The KUDU Smoker Lid.
Grill With the KUDU and KUDU Accessories This Summer
A true outdoor chef knows they are nothing without good company, a great grill, and the best grilling accessories. Make your 2021 summer barbecues your best yet with the fantastic KUDU Grill and our durable grilling tools.
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