baking on the grill

5 Tips for Outdoor Baking on a Grill

Considering baking on a grill? Well, with the summer heat about to rush in, no one wants to be stuck in a stuffy kitchen waiting for their bread to rise. We know you'd much rather be outdoors, surrounded by friends, family, and fresh air, while you bake some of your famous homemade recipes. If it's your first time baking outdoors, prepare to never want to bake in your kitchen in summer ever again. And with the use of a versatile grill like the KUDU, we can guarantee you'll be baking outside any chance you get. We share a few of our favorite tips for outdoor baking on a grill.
Our Top Outdoor Baking Tips for the Grill
1. Build a Fire That Lasts
Baking is a method of cooking that relies heavily on consistent temperature. And any outdoor chef knows that open fire is not as easy to control as an oven's heat. So, you need to build a fire that's going to provide the right amount of heat at all times to bake your food successfully. Always 'preheat' your grill and get a suitable temperature going before adding your food to the fire. And when you do, don't place it too close to the flames. With the help of the KUDU's adjustable grill grates, your dish can bake at a height where it receives enough heat without burning.
2. You'll Need a Pot, a Cast Iron Pan, or a Stick
Just like you need a baking tray for your oven, you need something to bake your food in over the open fire. You don't want your dough or pastry running through the grill grates and into the flames. Our KUDU Cast Iron Pan and Dutch Oven are perfect for baking over an open-flame grill. Take a look at our recipe for a delicious Cast Iron Apple Pie made in the KUDU Cast Iron Pan. When baking bread in the Dutch Oven, consider using it as the name suggests an oven! So, instead of pouring your bread mixture directly into the Dutch Oven, rather cook your bread in another pot inside of it. This will avoid the dough sticking to the sides and bottom. Always place a small rack, some stones or sticks on the bottom to elevate the cake mixture slightly. And for those who truly enjoy the raw novelty of the art of grilling, you can use sticks for baking your bread! That's right, sticks aren't just for roasting your hot dogs and marshmallows. 3 Steps to Baking Bread on a Stick Over Open Fire
  1. Knead/ work your dough until it becomes a long, thin strip. It can't be thicker than half an inch because that will only leave the crust burnt and the inside raw.
  2. Soak your stick in some water, and then wrap your dough around it. This allows the bread to cook/steam from the inside out.
  3. Roast until it's golden brown. Enjoy!
3. For Sponge Cakes Over the Open Fire, Use the Orange Peel Trick
No doubt, the idea of baking a delectable cake while camping out in the wild seems pretty cool. However, using this baking method could quickly go wrong if you don't know what you're doing. It's usually easier to bake sponge cakes in your oven because you have better control over the temperature. However, we have a clever hack that will knock the socks of your guests — even if you are in the middle of nowhere! Quick Hack: How to Make a Mini Cake in an Orange Peel
  1. Cut off the top of an orange and hollow it out.
  2. Pour your cake mix into the orange and place the cut-off part back on top.
  3. Wrap the whole orange in heavy-duty foil and place over hot coals for 20-35 mins.
  4. Take it off the fire, cut/peel away the skin, and enjoy an orange-infused dessert.
4. If All Cake Fails, How About Some Pancakes?
Although some might argue that it does not count as ‘baking’, pancakes are the sweet treat that is acceptable all day, every day. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dessert! Watch our video below to see how we make delicious, buttery pancakes on our KUDU Grill.
5. The KUDU is the Best Grill for the Job
The KUDU Grill offers more versatility than any other open fire grill out there. It’s simple in its form yet also caters to so many different methods of outdoor cooking. Its adjustable grill grates help you keep your dish close enough to the heat source, but without burning it - the kind of advantage you need when baking on a grill outdoors. Not only can the KUDU help you bake your food to crispy perfection, but you can also fry, steam, simmer, and boil your other ingredients all at the same time. Whatever you plan on adding to your dish can be cooked right alongside it, so you can serve it faster and get those eager bellies full.
Do Your Outdoor Cooking With KUDU Grills
Having the KUDU as your open fire grill opens up a whole new world of outdoor cooking. With its ease of use, and multi-purpose functions, you can cook so many different types of dishes, using multiple cooking methods, including baking! No matter what’s on the menu, you feed your eager guests quicker using the KUDU grill. Contact us today for more information about the KUDU or visit our online shop to purchase our outdoor cooking accessories and tools.