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As we fire up for another season of America’s favorite sport, we’re also firing up our grills and enjoying the tradition of a good old fashion tailgate.

 Whether you’re a parking lot veteran or a pre-game rookie, with a portable and fully functional grill and grilling accessories, it’s a given that you’ll be the best tailgate cook on the grounds. Here’s why owning a KUDU Grill is the best game plan for a win-worthy tailgate.


 Grill portability plays a major role in the ease and convenience of transporting your grill. You want a grill that is compact and lightweight enough to put in your vehicle and easy enough to set up and grill on the pavement. There are a lot of portable grills on the market, but can be limited in grill size, height, and cooking options.

 The KUDU Grill was built with portability in mind. It easily assembles and disassembles in minutes and fits into a custom tandem carry bag for easy transport. There are zero compromises in grill size and height, and with its smart cantilever system and versatile accessories, you can cook multiple dishes in different ways all on one grill.

 Fuel type

 Why on earth would you choose to bite into a gas-grilled burger over a smoke-filled one? Sure, we understand that a gas grill might work for you if it’s a windy day. But is that really the only advantage?

 Nothing compares to the experience that an open fire brings to your outdoor gathering. That’s why we make sure the KUDU Grill sets you up for a perfect grilling experience no matter the windy weather. With a large, flat, deep fire pit base, your heat source is protected from the wind, and you can rest assured that you won’t be the cause of an ash party.


 Imagine owning a grill that gave you the means to rotisserie cook a whole chicken while smoking BBQ ribs. And while your grill takes care of that, you fry up a medley of tasters on your cast iron skillet while grilling some meat patties and hot dogs on the grill grate.

 With the KUDU Grills comes unlimited cooking options, and the bonus is that you can cook a multitude of dishes in different ways at different heat levels at the same time.

 Tailgate with KUDU Grills

Half the fun of a football game is hanging out in the parking lot, socializing with friends, and grilling a spread of all-you-can-eat pre-game goodness. This tailgating season, make sure you do it with the ultimate grill. 

The KUDU Grill is a fully portable, versatile, multifunctional open fire cooking system that can grill, bake, sear, sauté, smoke, steam, fry, roast, stew, and firepit. Be the talk of the tailgate. 

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