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Bracing cold weather and fewer sunny days used to signal the end of grilling season. Fast-forward a few years, barbecuing is bigger than ever before! 

Outdoor cooking isn’t just for summer anymore; according to The Hearth & Patio Barbecue Association survey results, more than half of Americans grill all year round. Whether it’s an investment in premium outdoor kitchens or simply wanting that smoky flavor, people are determined not to let snowstorms or a little rain stop them from firing up their grill!

Here’s our 6 top tips for making grilling in winter easy, convenient, and fun:

1. Dress for warmth and practicality

You’re gonna wanna dress the winter grilling part. Layer up, bring out the beanie head gear, scarfs, jackets, and boots, and ensure your winter grilling attire has no dangling bits that could become a fire hazard. Invest in some heat-resistant grilling gloves that are lightweight and designed for warmth. You’ll be traipsing in and out of the house, so choose a jacket and footwear accordingly.

 A hot, grilled meal is reward enough for your efforts. And if you need any more motivation to fire up the grill this winter, remember this: at least there isn’t a single annoying bug to contend with!

2. Keep the grill close

 Having a grill that is easily accessible is an important part of winter grilling. Remember, the closer a grill is to the indoors, the more inclined you’ll be to use it in the winter.

 Having some type of overhead covering is also recommended for year-round grill use. When it’s warm, a covering will protect you from the rain and hot sun and give you more privacy. And in the winter, a grill located in a covered, more controlled environment will be much easier to use. Never use any type of grill in the garage during bad weather, even with the doors open. It’s a fire and carbon monoxide hazard!

 3. Sufficient lighting

 The short days and long winter nights will make good lighting around your outdoor cooking space essential.

 Having sufficient lighting for your winter grilling makes navigating around the backyard safer and getting a good look at how the food you’re cooking is progressing. You don’t want to tie up one of your free hands with a flashlight.

 If your backyard lighting isn’t up to scratch, buy an all-weather lamp or install a permanently mounted light fixture by the grill. 

 4. Use a good grill

Premium grills allow for variable cooking temperatures. A feature like this comes in handy when two or three different types of food need to cook simultaneously and at different temperatures. 

Inexpensive grills are constructed with low-quality metals that rust faster and don’t retain heat. You’re going to want to invest in a stainless-steel grill. These grills resist rust and other corrosion and retain heat for longer, providing even heating while grilling. 

You’ll appreciate all these premium grill benefits because you can get your winter grilling done faster so you can get back inside to the warmth of your home and start dining.

5. Keep the menu simple

 Sub-freezing weather is not the time to experiment with complicated new grilling recipes. Keep the menu simple with grilling staples like steak, chops, ribs, burgers, filets, kebabs, prawns, etc.

For longer cookouts, we’d recommend our favorite winter grilling accessories, the Dutch oven, the smoker lid, and the rotisserie. Besides a few checks and adjustments on your part, these cooking accessories do most of the cooking for you and create some of the best winter grilled dishes. 

6. Cover up

By the time your meal has been eaten, the grill will have cooled off enough to be covered. Spending just a few seconds to cover a grill every time after using it will protect it from corrosion and prolong its life.

 If your stainless steel grill sits outside, invest in a grill cover and oil your grill once a month. 

 With the right grill, it’s always grilling season!

 With the right grill and grilling accessories, you can flex your BBQ bragging rights all year round! 

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