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Christmas day is around the corner! And we know you can’t wait to start cooking your favorite Christmas dishes… there’s only one snag: the dreaded Christmas kitchen madness! 

Like clockwork, every Christmas day, there’s almost never space in the oven for your turkey! And your famous crispy potatoes, you really hope you get the chance to roast them. You wanted to do a ham this year, and that rack of lamb would have been a perfect addition. Here’s an idea — why not skip the kitchen altogether?

With the right grill and grilling accessories, you can cook all your favorite Christmas dishes and more outside in the fresh air. Here’s what your Christmas day could look like:

Christmas Morning

Time to fire up the grill and wake your favorite people to some of the best smells in the world! Freshly brewed coffee paired with maple syrup bacon pancakes, followed by the tradition of chestnuts roasting in the open fire.

The brownie points for this breakfast exceed the points system because not only are you gifting your family the most amazing Christmas breakfast, but you’ve also left the kitchen spotless!

Main Course Cooking

You don’t need a stove or an oven with the KUDU Grill. With its combined grilling accessories, including a cast iron skillet, rotisserie, Dutch oven, and smoker lid, you can cook all the Christmas dishes imaginable. 

If you’re cooking a large piece of meat on the rotisserie, or slow cooking pot roast in the Dutch Oven, or both, what makes cooking it on the KUDU Grill even more awesome is that you still have space to smoke and grill other dishes while your rotisserie and Dutch oven slow cooks for you. 

We’ve been enjoying the ease and convenience of a KUDU Christmas for years, and we love it! We hope we’ve inspired you to start a new holiday tradition of Christmas cooking outside, and we look forward to hearing all about it on KUDU Nation.

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