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Light It Up: Get the Most Out of Your Fuel Sources for Open Fire Cooking

Fire, in our opinion, was man’s most life-changing discovery, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the use of the correct fuel sources. Today, as outdoor cooking enthusiasts take their flames to new heights, utilizing the best fuel sources correctly is a necessary technique to grill successfully. When you’re cooking over the open fire, heat is your friend, and you want to keep your flames going for as long as possible. This means knowing what to do and what not to do with your fuel sources. So, if any last-minute steaks are coming out of the kitchen, you know you have a fire that’s always grill-ready. Here are a few of our secrets to getting the most out of your fuel sources and giving your grilled meals that delicious smoky flavor.
3 Ways To Get the Most Out Of Your Fuel Sources:
1. The Fire Starter: Charcoal Briquettes
Charcoal briquettes are one of the most popular fuel sources for backyard barbecues because they are designed to be convenient and consistent. Many outdoor gourmet grillers claim that the flavor it leaves on grilled food is superior to all the other fuel sources. However, because some charcoal briquettes are pre-soaked in chemicals (often to make it easier to light) they can give your food an unpleasant flavor. But, there is a way you can prevent this from happening and still get the most out of this fuel source. We suggest avoiding purchasing charcoal briquettes with oil in them. And once you light up your coals, let them burn until they turn to embers. And do all of this before you start grilling. This way, you eliminate other materials that may impact the taste as well as the smell of your food.
2. The Runner-Up: Lump Charcoal
Back in the day, any outdoor cooking enthusiast would tell you to stay away from this kind of charcoal. But today, it’s quickly gaining popularity because it’s one of the few chemical and filler-free fuel sources. Mostly made from blends of different kinds of wood, this fuel source is so diverse. This is because it’s ideal for slow-cooking your potjie AND searing beef patties for your burgers at a knuckle-burning temperature. Our secret to making the most out of this fuel source is combining it with your regular wood to get your fire going. Using 90% lump charcoal and 10% wood is the perfect recipe for making sure you’ve got heat for your grill all day long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsh4jsaP0lw
3. The Fire Master: Wood
At the core of all things outdoor grilling and your most classic fuel source, your choice of wood is crucial to grilling your food to perfection. Wood is consistent, abundant, and packs a lot of flavor, which makes it the perfect fuel source. But, it also takes constant monitoring to keep your fire at an even temperature. Good wood is ‘seasoned’ and often only ready for use after being left to dry for one or two years. Now, we’re not saying you should wait two years to get grilling - imagine that (the horror)! But, you do want to ensure that you make use of good quality firewood and sticks of wood to build a fire that lasts and lasts. Our secret ‘fire master’? Acacia wood. This wood is cut from the hardwood tree family and provides a long-time burn, perfect for making a fire that will keep burning for a long time. They are especially great for slow-cooking and smoking your barbecue dishes.
Why We Use Only Natural Fuel Sources for Grilling
The answer is simple, really: it gives food an amazing flavor! Natural fuel sources are the best way to go if you want that smokey taste without all the added chemicals. It also creates a more enjoyable grilling experience for yourself as the outdoor chef, as well as your friends and family. And besides the fact you can breathe a little bit easier around the flames, you’re also promoting greener grilling with lower emissions from your smoke. By making use of natural fuel sources, the earth will thank you for taking care of the environment and your guests will praise you for the deliciously grilled meal.
Get the Most Out of Your Fuel Sources With the Help of the KUDU Grill and KUDU Smoker Lid
If there’s anything that will keep your fire going for as long as you need it, it’s the KUDU grill. It’s designed to help you get the most out of your fuel sources with an ultra-high temp ceramic coated base that is capable of sustaining low and high temperatures. And by covering your coals with the KUDU Smoker lid, you can save them for your next gathering around the fire. At KUDU Grills, we believe in making the most out of your fuel sources so you can have the best outdoor cooking experience. With these secrets up your sleeve, you can wow your guests with your fire master skills of grilling, slow cooking and even perfecting that smore for a post-feast snack. Contact KUDU Grills and we’ll fulfill all your grilling needs with our wide range of open fire grilling equipment. .