open fire camping grill

Live the Ultimate Outdoor Experience: Cooking with Your Open Fire Camping Grill

Heading off with your open fire camping grill and the family for another annual outdoor adventure? Nothing beats a couple of days of waking up to nature, a crackling fire, and the sight of your trusty Land Rover that got you to your destination. It’s the ultimate camper’s dream, and we at KUDU Grills want to help you live it up as best you can. Many could be a bit wary of cooking out in the wild because you can’t exactly order a pizza if your dish goes south. But luckily, we’re here to give you a few tips to prep your camping trip meals and ultimately make a success of anything you throw on your open fire camping grill. We’re also going to share one of our secrets to living the overland dream, so don’t stop reading!
Making a Success of Cooking on Your Open Fire Camping Grill:
Plan Your Meals: Know What You’re Going to Cook
We love winging it just as much as the next outdoor gourmet, but when it comes to cooking in the wild, you need to plan the meals you’re going to cook over the open fire. This is a great way to make sure you don’t munch through all the good food on your first of night camping. And it gives you a better idea of how to pack the rest of your camping essentials. If you’re struggling to decide what meals you want to make on your camping trip, we have a simple solution for that too. Take a look at our quick and easy camping recipes to make any and every member of the family a happy camper.
It’s All in the Marinade: Prep Your Meat Before You Head Off
Not only will marinating your meat - prior to heading off in your Landy, make it taste better, but it’ll also be easier to cook. Believe us when we say that the perfectly grilled chicken starts the night before you go off on your camping trip. Use your secret marinating sauce and leave your meat to soak in all that flavor overnight. By the time you’re ready to grill it over the open fire, it’ll be packed with the saucy goodness that you’re after.
Pack Only the Essentials: But Don’t Forget Your KUDU Cast Iron Pan
When packing for your camping trip, it’s always best to only bring the essentials - and that goes for your outdoor cooking tools as well. But, the one thing you can’t go without is a cast-iron skillet. The KUDU Cast Iron Pan is durable and easy to clean, making it a must-have for cooking and grilling your camping meals to perfection. With the help of this outdoor cooking utensil, you can create the same meals you would in your home kitchen, out in the wild. You can wake up your campers with the smell of eggs and bacon, or satisfy their cravings for a hearty meal with grilled meat and potatoes. And last but not least, your KUDU Grill is another must-have to ensure successful outdoor cooking on your adventure. The KUDU is the most convenient grill to take with you on your camping trip. With its easy setup mechanisms, you can set up and cook and pack up in one easy go.
Living the Overland Dream with Your Land Rover Defender:
Sleeping on the Roof, But in Style: Customize with Classic Overland
The Land Rover Defender is the ultimate 4x4, capable of getting you to the most remote locations and a space to rest your head under the stars. We believe you haven’t lived the ultimate overland dream until you’ve spent a night (or two) on the rooftop of your Defender. How is this possible you ask? You can customize your 4x4 with our friends at Classic Overland. They love the outdoors just as much as we do, and are passionate about enabling you to make the most out of your adventures in the wild. Take a look at what they did with the Stanley Crane Defender Edition, the perfect vehicle to make your camping trip complete.
A Camper’s Dream Come True
Live the ultimate camping dream with your KUDU Grill and customized Defender and create memories you and your family will be gabbing about for years to come. We’re all about outdoor experiences and how we can make your moments out in the wild more fun, convenient and tasty! All you need is camping meal prep, a trusty 4x4, and your loved ones to join you on your adventure. And we promise your next camping trip will be even better than the last. Contact KUDU Grills and we’ll help you make the best out of your outdoor adventure with the right cooking and grilling accessories.