Chocolate cake

After Dinner Barbecue Cooker Treats

As far as ending off a meal goes, some would argue that after-dinner treats are just as essential to round off a full-course meal as an appetizer or entrée. Of course, we wouldn't expect less from a barbecue cooker either! In fact, you could think of it as an after-dinner mint - but way more exciting. Here are some end-of-dinner treats that will complement a barbecue perfectly.

Christmas barbecue desserts

We couldn't begin our delectable dessert list without mentioning Christmas barbecue desserts. Even though Christmas is done and dusted, it can't hurt to start thinking about Christmas next year. As far as Christmas after-dinner sweet treats are concerned, there are plenty to choose from. However, if you're a little stuck on that front, here are some dessert pairings that we think would look fiercely festive on your next Christmas dinner table. Take grilled fruit, for example. Whether it's grilled peaches, plums, or figs, fresh fruit is a great healthy addition to the end of a barbecue. Add a dollop of fresh cream or crème fresh and finish off with a drizzle of honey, and you've for sure got yourself a dessert winner. In addition to being relatively simple to prepare, grilling fruit over a barbecue is pretty quick to do, too. Let's just say this. You won't regret the time spent preparing this Christmas dessert. Because it literally takes no time at all, which means you get to create more Christmas memories with loved ones around the crackling fire. Furthermore, what would Christmas dinner be without fruit cake? However, if baking a cake and grilling on a barbecue sound like two separate concepts to you, just know that you can do this (and more) with the KUDU grill. Because baking is one of the KUDU Grills specialties. So, why not try your version of Christmas fruit cake with this open-fire grill cooker next year?

Tart, sweet, or something in-between

There is a common misconception that all desserts should be decadently sweet when it comes to desserts. But that's definitely not the case. Depending on your preferences, you may be the type to prefer savory over sweet, not forgetting that you also have the option of tart desserts too. Speaking of which, tart desserts that are sure to make your mouth water will probably include fresh berries. So, we're thinking mixed berry tartlets, for example. However, for desserts as sweet as they come, you can't beat a traditional s'more. But if you have more of a savory tooth, olive oil cakes are a great choice as they are not too sweet at all.

As for sweet pairings...

If you're looking for specific dessert options to pair your mains with, then you've come to the right place. Because at KUDU Grills, we're just as passionate about the outdoor cooking experience as we are about the act of grilling itself. So the more exciting (and varied) it is, the better. Take a juicy prime rib, for example. A chocolate cake would be a match made in heaven in this instance. Roast beef got you feeling like you need a little something extra to top it off with? Then why not try sticky toffee pudding out for size? Again, you can bake to your heart’s content on the KUDU Grill cooker and make that sticky toffee pudding sauce too!

But still, we couldn't leave out an after-dinner mint for completion’s sake

While after-dinner mints are typically a British tradition, it's still enjoyed as a refreshing end to dinner—even a barbecue dinner, at that. As far as the season goes, leftover minty candy canes or regular mint candies should work well. But as a general rule, if you can find anything sweet and minty (not to mention chocolaty), then you're good to go.

Make your barbecue dinner sweeter

Keen on making your barbecue experience even sweeter? Then why not make it two for one and get the KUDU Grill to complement your barbecue cooker experience? And then you can top it all off with a satisfying after-dinner treat that will wow the crowd. Contact us today for more information.