Grilled chicken an stew over a wood burning BBQ

Wood Burning BBQ Techniques You'd Be Surprised By

If variety is the spice of life, then the KUDU Grill has this quality in spades! In fact, we'd go so far as to say that you'll undoubtedly be spoiled for choice. We'll even add to that statement and say that any home-cook or pitmaster would be more than happy to have this handy, wood burning BBQ grill by their side to tackle the most complex barbecue recipes as well as simpler dishes too. Interested in hearing more about what you can actually accomplish with it? You'll just have to read on a bit more then to find out!

Poached to perfection

Ever admired the art of poaching? But never thought you could do it yourself (let alone over a barbecue grill)? Well, we're here to tell you that poaching eggs or fish is possible. Even while you're out in nature. Or when you're camping and cooking on safari, for example. Furthermore, if you're the health-conscious type, then poaching should be something you're all too familiar with. And if you're not, you should still consider poaching for tender meat such as flank, brisket, chuck, beef, and even lamb to make it even more tender. However, your options don't have to end there. You could even include chicken, shellfish, and even fruit to the list. Of course, it's as simple as gently boiling your chosen protein in an aromatic or mild liquid such as milk so that it's cooked through. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Superbly steamed

As far as nutritious meals go, steaming is an excellent method to try out with the KUDU wood burning BBQ Grill and its accessories too. Steamed food also retains more nutrients because it is literally cooked with just vaporized water alone. It is, therefore, considered one of the more healthier methods to cook meat or vegetables with. And if you're determined not to lose or mask any of the vibrant colors and textures of your chosen food, steaming will preserve as much of its original flavor, texture, and color as possible.

Brilliantly broiled

Broiling is not really a cooking method that is typically well known. Well, at least not as well known as grilling, frying, or boiling, for instance. But if you get it right, broiling is an effective means of cooking that produces crispy food in a jiffy. Broiling uses high direct heat in an enclosed environment to cook food quickly (similar to baking, but typically only in one direction). Best for thinly sliced meat or vegetables, broiling is ideal for when you don't have much time to spare but still want a meal prepared quickly and easily.

Beautifully baked

Of course, what would a barbecue (or any meal) be without a sweet treat to round off your meal with? We're, of course, referring to a baked sweet treat. Moreover, whoever said baking and barbecuing can't go together hasn't seen the KUDU Grill. Furthermore, baking is such a popular pastime that it's practically self-explanatory. So, if baking outdoors on the patio or out in the garden sounds ideal, then baking with the KUDU Grill is the only way to do it.

Slowly stewed

Come winter or fall; a hearty stew is something you'll definitely want to consider cooking. Stews are great for when you have LOTS of time on your hands. In fact, it's ideal for camping expeditions in the mountains or those chilly winter evenings around the fireplace. Furthermore, a good stew is comfort food at its best. Not to mention it's nutritious, healthy, and just an overall crowd-pleaser at its best.

Fabulously fried

And last but not least, we could not forget about fried foods - which is an absolute must (and lifesaver) for when you need to fry up a meal super quick. In addition to this, certain foods just taste better fried, such as French fries, fried chicken, and good old fried onions, for instance.

The all-in-one grill that can do it all

If you're looking for a wood burning BBQ grill that can do all of this and then some, consider your search over. The KUDU Grill is what it's called and is available right here on US shores. So, elevate your barbecue experience and attempt the impossible as far as BBQ Grills are concerned. Contact us today for more information.