Meat prepared over a wood burning BBQ grill

Wood Burning BBQ Grill: The Best Tasting Leftovers

One thing is for sure, planning a wood burning BBQ grill is something to look forward to. And not just on home ground, either. Actually, it's a celebrated occasion south of the equator, too. In fact, if you've ever been to a South African braai, you'll know that these folks usually go over the top. So over the top that there's usually plenty of braai food left over for the day after. And even for the day after that too. Therefore, it's not surprising that barbecue or braai leftovers are often looked forward to as part and parcel of the barbecue festivities. So, without further ado, here are some of the best-tasting wood-burning BBQ leftovers we've come to know and love.

The best of the best leftovers

As far as protein goes, you can do a lot with leftover meat should you have plenty to spare. Let's start with a fan favorite - the versatile steak. When it comes to steak, you don't have to be highly imaginative in order to think of where this could fit on the breakfast or lunch table the day after. Furthermore, if you're anything like the Britons, you could add your leftover steak to an egg and chips breakfast, for instance. On the other hand, if you really want to jazz up brunch or lunch, you could opt for steak quesadillas to break up a monotonous lunch routine.

We couldn't forget about pulled pork

Few other proteins can take away from a good old chunk of pulled pork. Furthermore, if you've got some of this prized piece of meat tucked away for the next day, you're in for a treat. Again, pulled pork is so versatile that you could use it in any dish without it looking out of place. But what we will say is that pulled pork sandwiches are one of the best daytime lunches under the sun. So don't be shy to load those sandwiches up with these leftovers if you're feeling especially ravenous.

Hot dogs and sausages deluxe

On the other hand, if you consider yourself more of the sausage type, there are ways to make leftover sausages the star of the show. You just have to imagine a meatless pizza and one with meat to see where we're headed with this. However, don't forget about it for an early morning English breakfast, either.

Leftover veggies

Happen to have some corn on the cob leftover? What about potato salad or grilled asparagus, for that matter? If you're wondering if these can still be used the next day, the answer, of course, is - yes. Toss grilled veggies together to make it a nutritious side to add a bit of freshness to an all-meat dish.

Sticky and sweet barbecue chicken

Like steak, you won't have to stretch your imagination that much to think of how you can repurpose BBQ chicken. Arguably more versatile than steak even, grilled chicken is one of those leftover ingredients you can eat anywhere, anytime. Moreover, you can use leftover chicken as a filler for many dishes, from pasta to lunch sandwiches to stir-fry. Its list of uses is quite literally endless.

But what about burger patties?

Although it's not your typical leftover dish. Or an ingredient you could think of repurposing in a creative way, we'd still reserve a place for the humble burger at the next breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner table. Because let's face it, a burger is a burger at the end of the day. And there's a reason why it's known as a meal all on its own. So you might as well enjoy it for what it is. But there are ways you can repurpose this barbecue staple too. You could slice, dice, and chop it up finely and use it as a filling for Mac n Cheese or spaghetti, for example. Or make a burger sandwich such as a Dagwood sandwich if that's what intrigues you.

Storing your leftovers away safely

Of course, when it comes to saving leftovers for later, you'll want to ensure you store them away safely from the get-go. Firstly, you should let the meat cool down to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator. Secondly, most proteins will usually keep three to four days before you should consider tossing it. However, say you've got so much meat leftover it'll take weeks to finish. You could always store it for up to three months in a container or vacuum-sealed bag in the freezer.

Barbecue favorites that became leftover lifesavers

What would a good wood burning BBQ grill barbecue leftover be if it didn't start with a good barbecue, to begin with? Well, cooking on the KUDU Grill can give you the leftovers you've been looking forward to. Contact us to learn more about our diverse South-African-inspired wood burning BBQ grill today.