Guests standing around one of the most popular custom built charcoal grills

Etiquette for Custom Charcoal Grills Occasions

As far as dinner etiquette goes, we've all seen (and have perhaps been a little intimidated by) dinner table rules that can verge on being a little too formal. However, you may be relieved to hear that stuffy dinner rules don't tend to apply with custom built charcoal grills. Furthermore, you might also be surprised to hear that there is such a thing as barbecue etiquette. So, if you want to be in the know come your next barbecue event, here are a few tips to take note of.

The more, the merrier

Barbecues tend to be more than just a means of cooking meat over a grill and calling it a day. Just ask your neighbors south of the equator. They'll agree that barbecues (or braais) are usually an excuse to get all your friends or family around to eat, catch up and generally just be merry. And in true South African braai style, they generally tend to prefer larger crowds at their braais over just a select few. So, if you're up to it, why not invite the neighbors around to your barbecue to get to know them better? Or even a friend of a friend of a friend if you want to expand your social circle.

Find out if there are any vegetarian attendees

It's more than likely that almost everyone you know will enjoy a traditional barbecue. However, you might discover that, upon querying, you will have to cater to vegetarian attendees too. Therefore, if you don't know much about vegetarian dishes, try to do some research beforehand. So you can prepare a few exciting appetizers and main dishes for them too.

Be prepared for anything

While the weather forecast is set to look good for at least a few weeks in advance, many a pitmaster can attest to the fact that weather conditions can change at the drop of the hat. And with it all your barbecue plans too. So, you might want to plan ahead. Or at least be flexible enough in your planning that should the weather go awry, you at least have a backup plan to cater for this. It could mean bringing the barbecue under a covered patio. Or having plenty of umbrellas out in case of miserable weather. All in all, it's good to be more than prepared beforehand.

Have the barbecue ready (before the guests arrive)

If you want to leave a good impression on your guests as they arrive, be sure to have the barbecue lit and ready to fire away. Again, a good barbecue is ALL about the ambiance. So don't hesitate to stock up on some extra wood and charcoal to ensure the welcoming flames last as long as they should.

Have plenty of refreshments available

For some reason, custom built charcoal grills tend to make guests extra thirsty - especially when it's hot. So be sure to have plenty of refreshments to go around. And don't forget to keep them on ice. Because no one enjoys a warm fizzy soda or lukewarm water.

Have your dinner table all set up

And enough chairs. Making sure your dinner table is all set up for guests for when they're ready to eat is one less thing to take care of when you have so much to do already. Also, be sure to have enough cutlery available for everyone (because there's a time and place for finger food). And don't forget to have a spread of condiments, dips, and spreads available for extra variety.

And lastly, don't keep your guests waiting for too long

If there's anything that can make a good barbecue take a turn for the worst, it's when happy guests become 'hangry' guests because the food took too long. And while a slight delay in serving up grub is acceptable, try to keep it on time insofar as possible.

Make it a barbecue to remember

There's no doubt about it. Barbecues are meant to be enjoyed and remembered for some time to come (or at least until the next one, that is). So if you're looking for one of the best custom built charcoal grills to spoil your guests with, try the KUDU Grill this barbecue season. Contact us for more information.