Grilled Moroccan Chicken Skewers

Grilled Moroccan Chicken Skewers



Homemade Moroccan spice blend

  1. Preheat the KUDU over medium-high heat.
  2. Place the chicken, onion, and tomatoes into a large bowl. Drizzle with
    olive oil and season with Moroccan spice (you can make your own or
    purchase it ready-made). Add a generous pinch of salt and pepper to
  3. Add the fresh herbs, garlic, and the juice of ½ a lemon. Give everything a good toss to evenly coat the chicken and vegetables.
  4. Evenly portion and thread each skewer, alternating between the chicken, onions, and tomatoes.
  5. Carefully place the skewers on the grill; grill each side for about 4
    minutes. Grill the other half of the lemon, flesh side down, next to the
    skewers to give it a slight char, then squeeze the lemon juice over the
    skewers before serving.
  6. Serve with mint Greek yogurt sauce!

For the Homemade Moroccan Spice Blend:

  1. Place all spices into a bowl and whisk them together until well blended.
    Keep the blend sealed tight in a glass jar and store it in a dry, cool
    place. This recipe makes about 1/4 cup.