Colossal Shrimp with Stuffed Crab Cake

Colossal Shrimp with Stuffed Crab Cake
  1. Light your charcoal in the KUDU and let them burn to embers with a layer of white ash.
  2. While the charcoal is prepping prepare your colossal shrimp.
  3. Pull the shrimp out of the shell leaving just the meat at the tail secured.
  4. Rest the shrimp meat on top of the shell.
  5. Place your pre-cooked crab cakes in a bowl.
  6. Drizzle a little olive oil on shrimp and crab cake.
  7. Adjust your grill height over the embers at medium heat (approx. 400 degrees).
  8. Move your KUDU grill grate to that height and place your shrimp on the grill.
  9. Rotate your shrimp on all sides until sufficiently cooked with light grill marks.
  10. Now place the shrimp shell side down on the KUDU and stuff the top of the shrimp with the crab cake until warm.
  11. Remove and serve.