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Meatless Monday: Our 5 Essential Tips for Vegetarian Grilling

At KUDU Grills, we love a grilled rack of ribs as much as the next outdoor cook, but we’ve also taken a liking to the diversity that vegetarian grilling offers. And although it’s all good and well to be a master at grilling those steaks and burgers, what do you do when you’re catering for vegetarian guests? Well, the answer isn’t ordering them some takeout. They want to get in on all the grilled goodness too. So, we’ve listed a few of our tips to help you perfect your vegetarian grilling skills and make a meat-free cookout something to look forward to.
1. Choose Your Temperatures Wisely When Grilling Vegetables
Although vegetables can withstand a lot more heat than meat, you still need to have a good sense of heat management when grilling them. You also need to consider what level of heat is suitable for which type of vegetable. A vegetable like an asparagus will cook best over a quick, high heat. Whereas the dense flesh of parsnips does better in the low and slow treatment. And when it comes to cauliflower or carrots, it’s best to get them going in some boiling water before you throw them on the grill. By using the KUDU Grill, however, you can cook multiple vegetables at the same time. Thanks to its adjustable grill grates, you can cook your vegetables at the temperatures they need, all over one open fire.
2. Make Use of Direct and Indirect Grilling
Another benefit of using the KUDU Grill is that you can simultaneously use direct and indirect grilling. In other words, you can have your food over direct heat, or on the side of the fire, or both. And this is something called ‘two-zone cooking.’ This grilling method is perfect for cooking something dense, like slices of butternut. Even when your food is not directly over the heat, it’ll still cook gently as the heat transfers all around the grill.
3. You Can Smoke Your Vegetables In Three Different Ways
Use Whole Wood Logs Unchopped logs create a lot more smoke and are perfect for an open fire in a charcoal grill. Add Little Chunks of Wood as you Grill Add little chunks of wood bit by bit as you go. Start smoking by adding about three bits to the fire, then top up with the odd one or two now and then. Use the KUDU Smoker Lid The KUDU Smoker Lid is a durable outdoor tool that locks in all the smoky flavor into your grilled dishes. This makes it perfect for seeping the smokiness into your grilled vegetables.
4. Prepare Your Grill for Cooking Vegetarian Meat
Firstly, when shopping for things like veggie burgers, you must read the label. This is because not all mock meats were created to go onto the grill, and the cooking instructions will let you know. When you do have grill-able vegetarian meat on-hand, don’t expect it to grill the same way regular meat does. They don’t contain the same natural fat and juices as a beef burger, so you need to prep your grill to prevent sticking and broken pieces from falling into the fire. Be sure to scrape off any leftover food from your last cookout. Then cover a paper towel in some cooking oil and rub it all over the grill grate. You could also spray it with non-stick cooking spray for extra precaution.
5. Get Creative!
Vegetarian grilling is a great way to experiment with more ingredients and try new flavours. It’s an excuse to try something different. Sure, the perfect grilled steak will never get old, but there are so many ways to cook and prepare vegetables and other meat-free dishes over the open fire. Just check out our recipes and have a look at the meat-free grilled dishes we love.
Grilled Meat-Free Mondays, Here We Come
Just between us, you don’t even need your non-meat-eating guests at the cookout to experiment with vegetarian grilling. We think it’s an experience every outdoor chef should have because there’s nothing better than testing your skills and wowing your family and friends with a new grilled dish. And it doesn’t hurt that these meals are healthy and nutritious. With the KUDU Grill, you can prepare and grill any vegetarian meal in no time.
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