how to clean a grill

Top Tips On How To Clean a Grill and Grill Grate

Want to know how to clean a grill successfully? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that the proper way to maintain your KUDU Grill, or any grill for that matter, doesn’t actually involve using soap. And if you want to keep cooking for years to come, you’ve got to let your grill embrace the wear and tear it was made for. Sure, you need to keep things hygienic. But there’s an authenticity to cooking outdoors, the kind that your indoor kitchen can hardly ever match. So while we highly recommend that you bring out the surface cleaner for your stovetop, your grill needs a different kind of TLC. Barbecue season is fast approaching, but when taking your grill out of storage (if you even stopped grilling at all), here are our five tips on how to clean a grill and grill grate.

Don’t Wash Your Entire Grill After Every Cookout
There is a major difference between a ‘seasoned’ grill and a dirty grill. And the sooner you learn this, the better for the outcome of your grilled dishes. Your grill doesn’t need a deep cleanse after every cookout; in fact, the KUDU Grill thrives with a bit of leftover oil and grind. This is because your grill is an outdoor cooking workhorse. So, you need to see wear and tear as a part of its character. Leave shiny surfaces for your indoor kitchen, and allow your KUDU to endure the seasoning it was built for.
For In-Between Cookouts, Cooking Oil is Better Than Soap
In between cookouts, a good wipe goes a long way. So instead of bringing out the scrubber brush, you can simply spray your grill with a bit of cooking oil and wipe it down. Doing this before and after every cookout will keep your grill ready to cook every weekend. Check out our ‘How to Clean a Grill’ video below to see how you can take proper care of your KUDU Grill.
When it’s Time for the Deep Clean
If your charcoal grill sees soap, it should be once or twice a year max. You want to keep it looking good as new, but not by taking away its character. For hygienic purposes, we suggest letting your grill soak in a grease remover before scrubbing it down. And remember to remove any leftover ashes or charcoal before doing the deep clean. Use non-abrasive cleaning tools such as paper towels or even a soft scrubber brush. As long as you aren’t using wire, which could potentially scratch or damage your grill.
5 Hacks for Cleaning Your Grill Grate (That Don’t Include soap)
1. Lemon Cut a lemon in half and rub it over your grill grates. Its acidity should loosen all the leftover oil and grind from your previous cookout. 2. Vinegar Pour some regular vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it all over your grill grate. And then take a balled-up piece of aluminium foil and use that as a ‘brush’ to scrape the grime right off. 3. Onion Cut an onion in half, and stick it on the end of your grilling fork. Then, rub it all over your grill grates and scrub with a bristle brush — the enzymes from an onion help break down the oil and any leftover grease. 4. Beer Although it’s improbable that you’d want to pour one of your cold ones onto your grill, it’s just good to know that you can, right? Pour some beer (about half a bottle) over the top of your grill grates while your grill is still warm. The beer will break down the oil and grind and come right off with a few scrubs of a bristle brush. 5. Steam Fill a regular metal tin with water and boil it on the grill. Push the container to the side and begin scrapping your grill grate with a scrubber brush. The steam helps the grease slide right off.
Take Care of Your KUDU Grill So That You Can Keep On Cooking Outdoors
The KUDU can endure all types of wear and tear. Its durable and simplistic design allows you to cook outdoors all year round, and yes, even in winter. But to ensure that you can keep on making your favorite grilled dishes, you need to show it some TLC every once in a while. Remember that your grill doesn’t need a deep clean after every cookout. A good spray of cooking oil and a wipe down should do the trick. And there are plenty of ways to clean your grill grates without taking away the seasoning that gives your dishes that fantastic flavor. Contact us today, and we’ll make all your outdoor cooking dreams come true with a grill designed to last.