Steak and vegetables grilling on the KUDU Grill

Steak Your Pick: The Best Steak Recipes on the Open Fire Grill

Are you looking for delicious steak recipes for the grill? At KUDU Grills, we love the sound (and smell!) of steak sizzling on the grill. We also enjoy getting a little experimental when grilling our meat. Using the KUDU, we get to do so in a way that's both exciting and convenient. By experimenting with different ingredients and flavors, we've curated prime (get it?) steak recipes that are bound to paint smiles on those faces waiting eagerly around the dinner table. The truth is, grilling steak is quite simple. The natural fats and juices give it its flavor. However, the tenderness and texture are all up to you. Read below as we give you our best steak recipes and a few tips for grilling steak over the open fire.
Our Steak Recipes for the Grill
1. It's Never too Early for Steak: Steak and Eggs
Who said you shouldn't serve steak for breakfast? Well, our lip-smacking Steak and Eggs recipe will prove that person wrong. Adding steak to the breakfast menu is the ideal excuse to start your day in front of the open fire. And the fragrance of steak sizzling away will wake up even the heaviest sleepers. Add to this a mixture of peppers, mushrooms and cheesy scrambled eggs and - voilà - you have the best breakfast known to man. So, you can say goodbye to your food getting cold or running back and forth into the kitchen when you use the KUDU Grill and your cast iron skillet.
2. Marinade, Then Grill: Flank Steak with Chimichurri
A delicious marinade goes a long way when it comes to grilling a steak over the open fire. It's your mom's traditional recipe or just some good ol' Jimmy Sauce that gives your steak that spicy tang. Marinating your steak just makes the end result that much juicier. Check out our video as Kevin Gillespie from KUDU Grills shows us how he marinades his flank steak before putting it on the grill.
3. Everything's Better With Fries: Flank Steak and Pommes Frites
This grilled meal is perfect for your 'cheat day' or if you just want to indulge in some crunchy fried goodness after a night where you had one too many cold ones. Our Flank Steak and Pommes Frites is the traditional take on the crowd-pleasing steak and fries. And don't worry, we've added some asparagus spears in there too, to balance out the carbs (sort of).
4. Pull Out the Pan: Cast Iron Ribeyes
Grilling steak in a cast iron pan is one of the best ways to lock in all its juices and achieve that tender texture you crave. Try out our Cast Iron Ribeyes recipe using the KUDU Cast Iron Pan, and you'll have perfectly grilled steak — every time.

Things to Remember When Grilling Steak Over the Open Fire
The Cut and Thickness of Your Steak Matters
When grilling steak over the open fire, your steak's size and cut will directly affect the taste and texture. Cuts with lots of fat tend to cook wonderfully over the fire because it's able to absorb more of the smoky, earthy flavor. On the other hand, thin cuts tend to dry out more quickly, the longer you leave it on the grill. A perfectly cut Ribeye or Flank steak should do well over an open fire.
Cook at a Consistent Temperature
It would be best if you had your flames at a hot but gentle temperature so they don't scorch within the first ten minutes. The internal temperature indicates the ‘doneness’. There is a simple way to figure out whether your fire is hot enough and at what level you should position your grill grate. Place your hand above the flame. Once it becomes uncomfortable to hold your hand there for one or two seconds; that's where your grill grate should be.
Use the KUDU Grill to Cook Your Steak
The KUDU Grill is simplistic in its form but incredibly diverse in its function. It's the best outdoor grill for searing your steaks to perfection. Thanks to its elevation bars and adjustable grill grates, you already have less chance of scorching your precious flanks, even after a few cold ones. Whatever sides you plan on serving can be cooked with your steak, all at the same time. The KUDU's large fire pit allows for multiple fire zones, so you can fry, boil, and sear simultaneously. And this way, every grilled meal will always be served on time — and piping hot.
Try Our Steak Recipes on the Grill, Today
Juicy, savory, and full of smoky flavor — grilled steak will always remain a winner. It practically cooks itself (if you have a good cut of meat and grill, that is!). All you need to do is keep an eye and flip them over as soon as you see those beautiful grill marks form. Using the KUDU Grill, you're guaranteed to make the best out of your steaks and any grilled meal. Just remember that consistent heat is key!
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