simple barbeque recipes cooked easily on the open fire grill

Simple Barbeque Recipes: Ideas to break the week

Whether you have a large or small family, breaking the hustle and bustle of weeknight cooking with a barbeque dinner is a must. Weekly responsibilities like work, school, lunch preps, and cleaning chores can make everyone feel overloaded and even depleted. Breaking the week with simple barbeque recipes is a perfect 'pick me up' eating get-together and why not make it a family tradition for years to come. The thought of a barbeque may seem a little over-the-top in terms of extra work, but that is not the case with the Kudu Open Fire Grill, and we want to guide you along with simple barbeque recipes and some pre-barbeque tips as to just how easy it is.
How to prep for a weekly barbeque
When barbeque grocery shopping, be sure to invest in some disposal tableware, particularly paper plates, to serve your meals - This will cut out the cleaning time, which is part of the idea of lessening the rush and ensuring you rest up and enjoy the night. Make every meal feel extraordinary with minimalist but stylish table décor, and this doesn't mean you will have to spend a lot. You can invest in two outdoor tablecloths to alternate if the one is in the laundry. Then think of simple yet rustic decorative ideas like candles, flowers, leaves, and even fruits like lemons picked from the garden to add that pop of color and joy. Being outdoors for dinner during the week is the celebratory factor, so anything that reminds you of nature will do the trick. Add some cushions to your benches for extra coziness and have a few throw blankets accessible for those breezy evenings. It will be a good idea to prep for your barbeque food ideas for each week. This way, the rush of deciding what to cook will be out of the way too. There are a variety of dishes you could serve up in a flash on the open grill. This is thanks to the direct heat that comes from a grill's fuel(charcoal or wood) which is much quicker than the heat of ovens.
Easy barbeque dishes with Kudu Grills
Some simple yet gloriously tasting dishes could include Fajita steak, halloumi burgers, lemon, and herb marinated chicken, prawn skewers, vegetable quesadillas, and even pizza is always a fam favorite. When it comes to your sides, the sky is the limit with the Kudu Open Fire Grill, as it is designed for you to have everything on-the-go at once. Use the double-handled skillet to stir fry vegetables or even whip up a creamy mushroom sauce while your steaks are on the grill grate. Throw in some foiled baby potatoes around your charcoal, and you're good to go.
Stock up on barbeque sides
For mouthwatering barbeque sides to balance your meal, it is always ideal to have fresh salad ingredients that you can quickly put together while the fire is heating up. The five elements that make a satisfying salad must include greens, sweetness, creaminess, crunchiness, and dressing, so keep this in mind when browsing through the grocery aisle. Essential salad must-haves to stock up on for the week can include raw greens like lettuce or spinach, cherry tomatoes, olives, soft cheeses, fruits, and fresh herbs. But some extra toppings like nuts and seeds, beans, and legumes can do wonders to a basic salad, and it's always nice to change things up come another week. For a warm take on a salad, see our Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Salad here. Remember when it comes to your midweek barbeque break - keeping it simple but delicious is what it is all about. Therefore, don't be too optimistic and try and plan more than three different dishes for one night. One meat, a vegetable side, and a starch option like garlic bread or potatoes will suffice.
Enjoy your midweek downtime
At Kudu Grills, we don't want to rush life, so enjoy some simple barbeque recipes. We believe that life is to live. No matter how hectic your working week can get, making time with your loved ones over good food can lift the soul and can make your family bonds stronger. One way to do this is around the open fire while you soak up the open air and enjoy each other's company. Contact us at KUDU Grills and invest in your multi-purpose open fire grill for all your outdoor family cooking needs.