meat free dinners on the grill sweet potato and kale

Meat Free Dinners Super Tasty on the Grill

Are you an open-fire cooking fan like us? Then you will agree that cuts of meat sizzling on the grill is delightful. However, consider some meat free dinners instead to change things up. You will reap some health benefits along the way, and trust us when we say that delicious flavors on the grill are not compromised.
Surprising foods that taste better grilled
Meat is so good on the grill but veggies and fruits infuse unique smokey flavors too. If anything else, any meal cooked on the open fire grill is authentic cooking at its best. Plus, you can taste the magnificent difference from the char. However, what happens to your carefully picked ingredients when put on the grill? Well, fruits are much sweeter because it draws out the natural sugar(fructose) and veg flavors enhance when lightly charred. It is a wonderful reaction, only fire heat can do! Here, we outline meat-free ingredients that are pleasantly enhanced when they hit the grill.
Nothing beats biting into a piece of cold watermelon on a hot summer day, so grilling this refreshing fruit seems strange and even unthinkable. But in fact, slightly grilled watermelon perfectly pairs with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. You are bound to find a fantastic salad dish with this combination.
Keeping tabs on your weight? Opt for grilled slices of this cruciferous veg - a healthier alternative to frying it. For best results, grill on low heat until it becomes tender. Then, after some good heat, you can get a good char out of it. Add some fresh herbs, a squeeze of lemon, and voilà - you may just have your next favorite side dish. It tastes so good that even the kids will get a dose of vitamins in.
This creamy fruit is divine just as-is, and pairing it with various ingredients is always good. But grilling takes this freshly oiled butter pear to a whole new level. Charring avocado infuses a smoky flavor into every bite. Additionally, it will ripen it quicker - excellent if you have some unripe ones that you just can’t wait to eat. When plating, the black grill lines look so good on these bottle-green pears - one way to show off your finesse for barbeque cooking.
Romaine Lettuce
Lettuce on the fire seems a bit too optimistic and unheard of, but we love adventure which is why we encourage you to try it. Depending on the heat, you will need to watch – a little over 5 minutes will do. You can serve them whole or slice them crossways and toss them in your salad. For extra indulgence, drizzle on some blue cheese dressing.
Why are meatless dinners good?
Breaking the week from meat, even if it is just one night is healthy. It can reduce cancer and heart disease risks. Furthermore, if you want to cut back a few pounds and get into shape, then a little less meat will do the trick. With the Kudu Grill, you can attain these health benefits with vegetarian dishes that will wow the whole family. Flavors are wonderfully enhanced on the open fire. And if there is any method to get the kids to eat more vegetables, then our Kudu Grill is sure to change your cooking game. If you are looking for more tasty ideas for your meat free dinners, you can find some mouthwatering recipes here - from pumpkin fritters to corn on the cob and even mac and cheese on the grill. Anything is possible with The Kudu Grill Open Fire Grill. Contact us today for your purchase!