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Happy Camper: Delicious Barbecue Recipes for Your Camping Grill

There’s just something about cooking your food on an open fire camping grill, right under a blanket of stars. When you’re camping, some of your usual cooking rules often go out the window as you take the opportunity to get a little bit more creative. In the same breath, you also want to keep things simple when ‘roughing it’, as you don’t want to lug around tons of ingredients and equipment. But the way we see it, you can keep it simple and delicious with the right recipes and the best open fire camping grill equipment. We're here to show you how you can make quick and easy barbecue dishes that will further enhance your gathering around the fire on your next camping trip. Here’s how you can go back to basics and still eat like a king in the middle of nowhere.
Rise and Shine: Best Camping Grill Recipes for Breakfast
steak and eggs recipe on KUDU camping grill Sign us up for Steak and Eggs!
Breakfast Egg Bake Recipe:
There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast on the camping grill. We’ve got the perfect throw-it-all-together camping breakfast for you that will start your day off with a bang. Check out our Breakfast Egg Bake recipe.
Steak and Eggs Recipe
There’s no reason why steak should be reserved for dinner – nor eggs for breakfast for that matter. This recipe gives you the best of both worlds. Check out our Steak and Eggs Recipe.
Perfect for the Little Ones
kids playing in the water at a camp The youngsters will be hungry after a day of adventure
Camping Burgers
When you’re out on a camping expedition with kids, they tend to get hungry real soon. Like, when you are still sipping on your second cold one. We’ve got the perfect quick and easy recipe for you to grill up that will fill their tummies and paint smiles on their faces. Check out our Classic Camp-Side Burger recipe.
Starters on the Camping Grill
Jalapeño poppers on the KUDU grill Jalapeños and cheese? Yes, please!
Jalapeño Poppers
What’s not to love about the bite of a jalapeño oozing with melted cheese? Sign us up! This recipe is perfect for a starter before you start up dinner and will be a crowd-pleaser - so make extra! Check out our jalapeño poppers recipe on the camping grill.
Grilled Oysters al Pastor
Get a taste of the ocean on your next camping trip by grilling up these bad boys. It might look super fancy but is, in fact, real easy to whip up. And you’ll get to enjoy the ooh and aahs from your fellow campers. Check out our Grilled Oysters al Pastor recipe.
For the Ravenous: Dinner Recipes
meat cooking on KUDU Grill Burgers and Chicken Kabobs sizzling on the KUDU camping grill
Cast Iron Rib-Eye Steak Recipe
This mouth-watering medley of rosemary, duck fat, mushrooms and garlic will leave you wanting more. The aroma is incredible when you have it on a camping grill so be warned – you might have some neighbouring campers pop in to see what’s cooking. Check out our Cast Iron Rib-Eye Steak recipe.
Lemon Pepper Chicken Thighs
This flavourful but easy recipe is the perfect go-to dish for a lazy lunch or dinner around the fire. The key here is to cook the chicken over medium heat for a long time so that the skin is nice and crispy but the meat juicy. Check out our Lemon Pepper Chicken Thigh recipe.
BBQ Pork Chops and Okra
This delicious mix of crispy okra veggies and BBQ-based pork chops will without a doubt be one of your favourite camping memories. Check out our BBQ Pork Chops and Okra recipe.
KUDU Chicken Pot Pie
Ah, the classic South African ‘potjie’ (made in a cast-iron KUDU dutch oven). There’s nothing quite like it. It’s the perfect dish to make when you want to stretch out your social gathering around the fire for as long as possible and perfect if you have to feed lots of mouths. Check out our KUDU Chicken Pot Pie recipe.
For the Sweet Tooth
KUDU Cast Iron Apple Pie Sweet as KUDU Cast Iron Apple Pie
Cast Iron Apple Pie
What’s not to love about a good ol’ apple pie? And this one’s a real treat. Made in our KUDU cast iron pan, you’ll have everyone begging to share your recipe. Check out our Cast Iron Apple Pie recipe.
Get Adventurous with Your Camping Grill
Going camping no longer means being forced to eat beans from a can for the entire trip. It's actually the best time to get experiential with your cooking on your KUDU camping grill. We hope these ideas will inspire you to make a couple of show-stopper dishes on your next camping adventure. At Kudu Grills, we let the outdoors inspire us and drive our love for simple and delicious barbecue dishes.
On the Hunt for a new Camping Grill?
Shop our selection of Kudu Grills today and we'll have you barbecuing again in no time. We also have a recipe page packed with ideas for your next backyard dinner party.