Christmas dinner and outdoor cookers

Outdoor Cookers and Christmas Dinner

Christmas is around the corner, but this doesn't mean you have to necessarily host your special occasion indoors. In fact, with outdoor cookers such as the KUDU Grill, you can take this tradition outdoors. And make it a Christmas barbecue dinner to remember instead. See our top tips on how to host Christmas dinner under the stars.

Stick to the classics

When it comes to Christmas, tradition is everything. But there is room to experiment a little to give your Christmas dinner this year a modern twist (we're referring to outdoor cookers, of course). But back to the classics and making these shine on the dinner table. Yes, we're referring to the likes of stuffed turkey mashed potato, roast beef (or even pulled pork), raisin cake, and tangy Christmas toppings which should be a staple on any Christmas dinner table.

Update your Christmas decor

Grilling your Christmas dinner outdoors is sure to be a relaxing experience as you and your guests dine in the natural greenery surrounding you. Why not even use the outdoors as inspiration for your Christmas dinner table too? Fresh herbs, pickles, and other colorful condiments can transform your Christmas dinner table into a colorful feast for the eyes. For example, you can add color to the table by decorating it with tasty condiments to compliment your BBQ dishes. Include ingredients such as spicy red jalapeños, cranberry relish, chili mayonnaise with a hint of lime, green and refreshing salsa verde, and the ever-popular lamb mint sauce.

Christmas to the nines

Just because you're taking Christmas outdoors this year doesn't mean it must be plain and uninteresting. You can still make it fancy. And perhaps even fancier by including the right decorations and lighting. This doesn't necessarily even have to break the bank, either. In fact, (and in and going with the theme of an outdoor Christmas) items found right in your backyard such as pine cones, twigs, berries, and holly (not forgetting candy canes) can make the most ornate festive wreaths. Or it can be used to decorate vases on the table, for example. Furthermore, why not add to the wonder of the evening by adding fairy lights to your backyard Christmas wonderland?

Prep your barbecue beforehand

As heartwarming as Christmas can be, it can also prove to be quite stressful if you're hosting a large dinner party. Therefore, as far as grilling goes, you can prep this workstation beforehand to make sure it's raring to go as your guests arrive. This may mean getting all your barbecue accessories laid out within easy reach for barbecuing. Additionally, you may want to make sure that you have sufficient fuel (whether it be charcoal or wood) to not only cook the meat but also to maintain that cozy crackling-over-the-fire ambiance for as long as possible.
Not forgetting the star of the dish…
Of course, the star of the dish when it comes to Christmas would be your main protein. So, prepping your mains beforehand can go a long way in saving you time on the day. This could mean dry curing or marinating your meat a few hours before if you really want to seal in the flavor, and pre-chopping your vegetables ahead of time. Furthermore, take your meat out of the fridge at least an hour before grilling. This will aid in even cooking and will produce a juicer and more succulent piece of meat when you're done grilling it.

Enjoy the Christmas festivities with the KUDU grill

At KUDU Grills, we aim to elevate the outdoor cooking experience. Moreover, we want to make special occasions like Christmas sparkle even more. So contact us today to find out more about one of the most famous outdoor cookers around (and get yours in time for Christmas!) - the KUDU Grill!