The Kudu Grill and accessories

Best Outdoor Safari Cookers

If you're planning on cooking a delicious meal while on safari, it can be tricky if you don't have the right equipment on hand. After all, you're usually out in the wild with no kitchen facilities or cooking utensils available and often have just to make do with what you've got - until the KUDU Grill, that is. Furthermore, when it comes to a safari outdoor cooker that can literally do it all, the KUDU Grill is the real deal. Here's why we consider it one of the best outdoor safari cookers and why you should give it a try to experience the ultimate outdoor cooking safari experience.

What to look for in an outdoor safari cooker

But first, perhaps you're new to outdoor adventures, let alone cooking in the wild, and don't know where to begin. For starters, you'll need a grill that is easily portable. And just as easy to set up for when you set up camp. Because lugging around heavy equipment and accessories is not only impractical, but when you're out and about hoping to catch a glimpse of all that nature has to offer, you'll need a reliable grill that's simple to assemble so that you can fire away. The KUDU Grill is one open fire grill that fits this description to a tee. And is quickly becoming a popular outdoor safari cooker that compliments the outdoors nicely!

Safari cooker accessories

But of course, what would a safari grill be without handy accessories to elevate your outdoor cooking experience? Well, you need look no further because the KUDU Grill has got you covered. Furthermore, this all-in-one grill is much more than an ordinary grill. Let's just say you can grill, poach, steam, fry, broil and bake due too, courtesy of its awesome accessories, of course. But just in case you didn't know what they are, here's a quick rundown of some of our most popular barbecue grill accessories.
KUDU Grill Cover
Wet, rainy days are unavoidable. So instead of packing away your grill in a hurry when those dark and ominous clouds start rolling in, you can zip up and cover your KUDU Grill fast with the KUDU Grill cover. Moreover, the KUDU grill cover is not just a suitable fit for rainy safari days either. It will also protect your favorite grill from the general outdoors with its heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas material that is durable and outdoor weather friendly.
KUDU Carry Case
What about the KUDU carry case? Remember that when it comes to an outdoor safari grill, portability is everything. Much more than just a box or bag to carry your KUDU Grill and accessories in, the KUDU carry case is a modern carry case designed to transport a disassembled grill and all its parts with ease.
Dutch Oven
Planning on taking a camping safari trip in the fall or winter? You can still cook your favorite stew or potjie on this fire grill when the weather permits. In fact, the KUDU Grills Dutch Oven is the ideal outdoor cooking accessory for cooking hearty, delicious meals in cozy cooler weather.
KUDU Rotisserie
Fancy a leg of lamb or beef roast cooked rotisserie style? But can't get your hands on a multipurpose grill that can do this for you? Our rotisserie grill has been known to cook a mean roast to juicy, succulent perfection. And you, too, can experience the art of rotisserie-style cooking in the comfort of your backyard. Or better yet, on your next outdoor camping safari trip.
KUDU Fire Rings
The KUDU Fire Rings is another one of our top favorite KUDU accessories. Inspired by South African braai culture, the KUDU Fire Rings are designed to surround the warmth of leftover crackling flames, creating the perfect atmosphere for gathering around the barbecue with friends and family.

A multipurpose grill inspired by nature

As far as an outdoor grill goes, the KUDU Grills takes its cue from nature. Furthermore, our outdoor grill has everything you could ask for and more when it comes to elevating your outdoor safari cooking experience. Keen to experience it all? Contact us today for more information.