cooking sausages on outdoor grills

Our Best Sausage Picks for Outdoor Grills

Sausages are just one type of meat that can be cooked in any which way and still taste great. While many people prefer to fry or boil them, grilling is also a popular method to extract the most flavor you can from your chosen protein. In addition to this, there are so many variations of sausages that can be grilled, from the ever-popular Weiner and Jimmy Dean sausage to lesser known sausages such as the Beerwurst sausage. Therefore, with so many sausages worth mentioning, we thought it suitable to break it down into a list of our best sausage picks for outdoor grills.

The Bratwurst

Not to be confused with the knackwurst, as you'll see below, the bratwurst is one of those must-have sausages you have to include on your next barbecue menu. Also called the Brat for short, this German sausage found its way to American shores when immigrants served bratwurst in butcheries in Texas in the late 1800s. Additionally, there is also the option of beer-infused bratwurst (or beer brat) if you prefer a bit of a malt flavor in your sausage.

The Knackwurst

This beef and pork combo sausage, with a garlicky flavor, is a perfect grilling sausage for when you're in a hurry. Furthermore, it's a tasty choice if you need to whip up a meal real quick. This is because it is usually precooked. Therefore, it cooks on the grill in a matter of minutes with a crunchy, crispy skin that beats an ordinary sausage any day.

The South African boerewors

For South Africans, this sausage takes the crown. Undeniably, it is the most grill-worthy sausage under the African Sky. And, unsurprisingly, is growing more and more popular by the day. If you're looking for a strictly meaty sausage infused with just the right amount of spices and herbs that can be cooked quickly over the grill, the boerewors would be it.

The Kielbasa

Originating from Poland, the Kielbasa is also a popular sausage staple in the US. This is due to its versatility and tasty, smoky flavor, of course. The kielbasa sausage consists of mainly pork and a simple blend of spices, including marjoram pepper salt - and lots of garlic! This sausage is your go-to sausage for impromptu barbecues with family and friends.

The Andouille sausage

If your ultimate BBQ means including something spicy on the menu, then the Andouille sausage certainly exceeds this flavor profile. Spicy of note, this soul food classic sausage will transport you to the Bayou. And is best cooked over high temperatures to brown this sausage into a crispy, delectable barbecue treat.

The Chorizo sausage

Unsurprisingly, the spicy sausage makes our list as one of our top barbecue staples this season. Maybe for the rest of the year, even. Sweet and smoky, this Spanish favorite adds that little bit of extraordinary to any outdoor barbecue occasion.

The all American hot dog

And, of course, we couldn't forget about the all-American hot dog as one of our top picks for outdoor grills. In fact, this sausage needs no introduction. It's just THAT popular. Also known as a Frankfurt or Weiner, this anytime American snack can be found almost anywhere. And on practically every American barbecue grill, for that matter.

A grill as versatile as the sausage

As far as versatility goes, the KUDU grill is as versatile as it gets. It is the perfect grill for sausages. And many other types of meat for that matter. And will make your preferred sausage sizzle and drizzle with juicy sausage flavor. So contact us today for more information on outdoor grills, such as the KUDU Grill, that bring out the best in any type of meat. Or even vegetable or fruit for that matter.