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Smokin’ Hot: How to Smoke Food on Your Open Fire Grill

At KUDU Grills, we associate victory with the smell of well-cooked meat. And if you’re not sure about how to smoke food on your open fire grill, well, we suggest you keep reading to experience what we’re talking about. Smoking your food on the grill may seem simple enough, but achieving that delicious smokey flavor takes the work of a true grill master. Luckily, we have a few tips and tools to help you master smoking your meat the first time around. And of course, this is only possible when you’re using the ultimate outdoor grill The KUDU. So get your flames going and get ready to smoke your food to perfection and impress your guests with these simple smoking tips.
Why You Should Smoke Your Food With the KUDU Grill and KUDU Smoker Lid
The KUDU is a lightweight outdoor cooking grill, designed to make your grill day blissful and convenient. Its versatility makes it perfect for any kind of cooking, baking, frying, grilling, and, yes, smoking. And with the use of the KUDU Smoker Lid, you have all you need to give your food that amazing smokey flavor.
How to Smoke Food Using the KUDU Smoker Lid
1. Cold Smoking
By using the KUDU Grill and KUDU Smoker Lid, you can ‘cold-smoke’ your food with ease. This means you can smoke so much more than just your meat! You can give food like fruits and veggies a smokey flavor by simply turning your grate away from the heat of the fire. And then by placing the KUDU Smoker Lid on top of your food.
2. Hot Smoking
The KUDU Smoker Lid enhances the smokey flavor in your food. Simply by keeping it covered (and with no peeking!) your meals will be grilled and smokey just the way you want it. All you have to do is let the KUDU Smoker Lid work its magic.
3. Smoke Your Eggs, Melt Your Cheese
The KUDU Smoker Lid is also perfect if you want to slow cook your eggs, or just melt some cheese on your favorite beef patties. For a closer look at how to smoke your food with the KUDU Grill with the KUDU Smoker Lid, take a look at our short and sweet ‘how to’ video below.
Tender and Tough: What are the Best Meats to Smoke?
Our Top 4 Types of Meat to Smoke
Any seasoned grill master knows that not all meat is created equal. And there are some meats that grill and smoke better than others. So, if you’re really looking to enjoy meat soaked with a smokey flavor, you have to choose carefully. 1. Any Meat With Lots of Connective Tissue Fat Meat with a lot of fat, also known as ‘marbling’ is always perfect for smoking. Not only does the fat absorb all the smokey flavor, but the meat itself always comes out succulent and delicious. 2. Ribs Because ribs are on the softer side of the meat family, it also absorbs a lot more flavor than other meat. You can’t go wrong with smoking your ribs under the KUDU Smoker Lid. 3. Pork Shoulder Like with ribs, the softer the meat, the better it is for smoking. 4. Steak Although this meat is a bit tougher, it greatly benefits from the slow-cooking and smoking process. And when smoking a steak, always remember that bigger (cut) is better.
Keep It Moist: The Importance of Brining
In its simplest form, brine is nothing more than salty water. However, with added herbs and spices, your meat can benefit from brining before you start the smoking process. When done incorrectly, smoking can (gasp!) dry out your meat- and no griller wants to serve that to their guests! By brining your meat, you prevent it from drying out when it’s time to get it on the grill to smoke. The salt in brine makes the protein in your meat more water-absorbent. So your meat can hold onto more of its moisture during the cooking process. Making a brine only takes about 3 tablespoons of salt, one quart of water, and some of your favorite spices. We suggest leaving your meat to brine 10-12 hours before you put it on the grill to smoke. This will result in juicy and succulent meat with the mouth-watering smokey flavor you yearn for.
Mastering Open Fire Cooking With KUDU Grills
At KUDU Grills, we’re all about empowering the beginner griller, the fire master and everyone in between. We share our outdoor cooking tips and tricks so that every grill day is better than the last. And so that you can master outdoor grilling, while still making amazing memories with family and friends. Visit our online store or contact us and we’ll get you what you need to make your outdoor cooking experiences fun, convenient and tasty.