Using a Coal Grill for a Date Night With Your Partner: Tips and Recipes

Using a Coal Grill for a Date Night With Your Partner: Tips and Recipes

Yes, cooking with your coal grill can be romantic. In fact, there's nothing like an open fire lighting up the evening with your special someone. With an open-fire coal grill, you're not only guaranteed to eat real good, but you also have the perfect ambiance to make your night dreamy. You'll definitely want to be doing more date nights at home after you experience the romance of the open fire. Read below as we give you a few tips (and recipes) on making your coal grill dinner date one to remember.

Choose a Warm(er) Evening

Yes, romance has no schedule, but unfortunately, the weather does. You'll stand a better chance of enjoying an entire evening in front of the open fire on warmer nights. We're sure that nothing will dim the lights on your and your partner's bond. However, getting caught in the rain or even getting cold is just a major inconvenience.

Get to First Base With Our Grilled Starter Recipes

Impress your significant other with a grilled feast from starters to dessert. There's nothing like a tasty appetizer grilled over the open fire to spark the romantic evening and your hunger. Not sure what to make? Take a look at a few of our simple grilled starter recipes:
Jalapeno Poppers
Want to start off the evening with some spice and crunch? Our simple Jalapeno Poppers recipe is quick and easy and will leave your loved one anticipating the next dish.
Grilled Oysters al Pastor
You think you can't wine and dine in your backyard? Our Grilled Oysters al Pastor recipe says otherwise. Serve a shell bursting with flavor to get your partner's taste buds working.
Grilled Morel Mushrooms
You can never go wrong with serving something buttery. Use our Grilled Morel Mushrooms recipe to start your evening off with a smooth taste.
You Can Go All Out or Keep it Simple With Mains
Besides spending a magical evening with your partner, let’s get to the ‘main’ reason you’re doing date night with a coal grill - to feast over deliciously grilled food! You can decide whether you want to cook a low and slow roast or quick and easy beef patties. It all depends on you and your loved ones’ mood. Whether you’re wining and dining or doing surf n’ turf, we have a few grilled recipes that’s sure to make sparks fly:

For Wining and Dining

Rotisserie Pork Bulgogi
Serve some tender pork shoulder with a sweet and sour sauce by following our Rotisserie Pork Bulgogi recipe. You’ll have your partner giddy with the satisfying texture and flavor of a well-cooked cut.
Seafood Paella:
You can never go wrong with grilled seafood. Our Seafood Paella recipe is for the chef who wants to make something special and have it on their lover's plate in the nick of time. Serve them the taste of the ocean with this simple yet delicious recipe.

For Keeping It Casual

HBlue and Black Pizza
You could be thinking, 'well, I could just order a pizza' - no, no, you can't. Date night is about putting in more effort than usual, right? Show your partner you care by making them a homemade pizza from scratch! Our Black and Blue Pizza recipe is a guide to making your own cheesy masterpiece.
Camp-side Burgers
Yes, burgers can be romantic, especially when they're made on an open-fire grill. Our Camp-side Burgers recipe will have your significant other starry-eyed and satisfied.

Keep the ‘Flames Alive’ With the KUDU Grill

Excuse the heading; we couldn't resist. And besides, it's true! If there's any grill that can keep the flames alive, it's the KUDU Grill. Date night can be considered a success after a beautiful evening of delicious food, dessert, and wine. But, the magic doesn't have to end there. When all is said and done, you can still keep your flames going with the KUDU. Create the perfect ambiance with its impressive bonfire feature. Simply grab your KUDU Fire Rings and place them over the elevation bars. Stack your wood, so they go past the last fire ring, light it up and enjoy some s'more making with your date!

Date Night Made Easy With KUDU Grills

Why not make your outdoor date night one to remember with the grill that can do it all. Serve anything from burgers and fries to a three course meal using the diverse and easy to use KUDU Grill. You’ll be doing regular romantic evenings in your backyard before you know it. Contact us today, or see more of our recipes, so you can plan the perfect evening under the stars.