Barbecue tips to teach your kids

Barbecue Tips to Teach Your Kids

Barbecuing is a great tradition to pass along to the kids. When the time is right, of course. Nonetheless, you'll know when it's time to pass over those grill tongs. But before this, you'll want your kid to be as prepared as possible for when they eventually take over the title of 'Grill Master.' So here are some barbecue tips to prep them now for when that day comes.

Mastering the simple things first

For kids just starting to learn the art of barbecuing, it all begins with mastering the simple things first (making sure they're age-appropriate, of course). Of course, a good barbecue starts with ample preparation. And if you want to get your kids off to a good start, it's giving them the simple duties and responsibilities that will provide them with the foundation they need for the rest of their barbecuing journey.

The pre-barbecue shopping trip

To start off with, why not invite the kids on a pre-barbecue shopping trip? You could make a real excursion of it. Furthermore, kids learn from experiences. So, the more exciting and interesting you can make it, the better. For instance, you could teach them barbecue tips concerning the five basic food groups and have them point out examples on their own. Or you could give them the choice of choosing a few of their favorite fruits and veggies to bring back to create a signature side dish of their own.

Practicing the prep work

Of course, fire and flames are dangerous, and you'll want to remind your kids of this often. But you also don't want to spoil all the fun, either. So try to get them as involved as much as possible in the prep work before lighting up the actual fire. For example, have them arrange the coals or briquettes on the grill beforehand. Or teach them how to prepare simple appetizers such as chips, dips, and salsa for when the guests arrive. Depending on their age, you could ask them to peel, slice and chop fruit or veggies to save time. Making their own burger patties is another fun way to teach kids how to prepare and flavor meat when it's grill time. Preparing kebabs on skewers is too. Here, they can test out their creativity by making savory and dessert sticks, for example. Because most kids like to get their hands messy, take this opportunity to teach them about the dangers of food poisoning and proper food hygiene and safety.

While the barbecue is going

When the time comes to get the grill and festivities going, having the kids be there and a part of the ambiance can make them feel all the more included in your barbecue tradition. For example, if they're not old enough to handle the responsibility of flipping or grilling on the barbecue, water games are always a winner on hot summer days. Think water balloons, water guns, or sprinkler fun. This is sure to make the experience more enjoyable and memorable. On the other hand, if your kids are not so little anymore, you can afford to get more technical. For example, one of those has-to-know pieces of barbecue information could include the major differences between a blue, rare, medium-rare, and well-done piece of steak. Other teachable examples could consist of the science behind cooking different types of meat cuts. And because teens love to know about what's trending, why not teach them about the latest barbecue cooking hacks that'll save them lots of time around the barbecue?

After dinner treats

When all is said and done, and the fire starts to settle down, don't forget about toasting marvelous s'more creations over the whispering embers to end the meal off on a sweet note. Which kids will love, by the way. Have them create their own weird and wonderful concoctions while you spend time reminiscing about the day. And don't forget to highlight things they did well so that they feel enthused about the next barbecue.

Creating a memorable experience with your kids

At KUDU Grills, we cannot say enough how much we enjoy a good barbecue. But a good barbecue with our nearest and dearest is what makes the occasion doubly special. If you want to pass on these barbecue tips to your kids, you'll need a grill that is as reliable and as versatile as they come. And one that doesn't disappoint. So, contact us for more information about the grill that's sure to exceed your highest expectations.