Valentine's Day Dinner

Your Guide to a Valentine's Day Dinner Barbecue

Valentine's Day is coming up. And if you haven't planned something special for your significant other, don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's how to serve up a Valentine's Day dinner on the barbecue that'll score you brownie points.

Setting up a dinner table that'll make their heart melt

A lot relies on your table setting and the additional decor if you want to make a lasting, loving impression on your partner. Here, you'll want to show how you went the extra mile to make it extra special by taking it outside under the stars, for example. But just because it's outside doesn't mean it can't be a little fancy. And perhaps even elaborate? Usually, this involves knowing what subtle details are sure to melt their hearts in addition to the bigger gestures that are sure to set their hearts aflutter, too. Of course, as far as Valentine's Day colors go, sticking with the traditional red and white color scheme won't leave them guessing as to what the special occasion is. Candles, flowers, and, where possible, fairy lights go a long way too.

Mains that'll make their day

As far as selecting what main you'll be serving up for your loved one goes, serving up fillet steak with a peppercorn or cheese sauce is a popular choice for when love is in the air. If meat is not their type of treat, cocktail-style shrimps are an example of a fancy starter. Restaurant-style salmon is also a winner as far as a Valentine's Day dinner goes. And if protein is barred from the menu, then an Italian pasta dish could be the way to their heart.

Adding some love to the dinner plate

The saying, 'you eat with your eyes' is undoubtedly true. No matter how delectable the dish, sloppy plating is a definite no-no. While meticulous, creative playing is everything in conveying how much you really care. Heart-bopping plating tips you should pay attention to include:
Using strictly white or black plates
Whether in black or white, monotone-colored plates will help draw attention to your food rather than your plating if all else fails.
Dish to impress
Sometimes, plating to impress has to make sense. Here, we're referring to getting the proportions right. Also, there's a fine line between just enough and overcrowding the plate with elements that don't need to be there. Use side plates or bowls for those extras that are more of the supporting act to your mains.
A masterclass tip
When plating, do as all the great chefs do and plate with precision. Here, we're referring to the 3-9-12-3 (referring to the arms of a clock). Meaning your protein should be placed around the bottom of the plate, and your carbohydrate or starch should point north-westerly, leaving the other quadrant for your vegetables.
Mouthwatering desserts
Of course, we couldn't leave out mouthwatering desserts off your Valentine's Day menu. End off the evening on a sweet note with a chocolate lava pudding or some decadent chocolate truffles. Better yet, cozy up to a warm chocolate fondue and grilled strawberries to make the evening all the more special and unforgettable.

A Valentine's Day dinner that'll win their hearts

This Valentine's Day, skip the norm and barbecue your way to your loved one's heart instead with a BBQ that can grill, bake, poach, broil, and more. So, get your KUDU Grills in time for the 14th of February!