Enjoying Sunday dinner with family

Using a Cooking Fire Pit to Prepare the Best Sunday Dinner

Sunday's are possibly the best day of the week – no other day is quite as relaxed (or as family-orientated) as the final rest day before a busy week resumes. And what would a traditional Sunday be without Sunday dinner with family to enjoy a delicious and lovingly prepared meal over a cooking fire pit with our nearest and dearest? Furthermore, what would Sunday dinner be without a delectable (albeit predictable) Sunday roast? Sure, we all know how to prepare this family-favorite the conventional way, but preparing Sunday dinner over a cooking fire pit – now, that's another story entirely!
Outdoor cooking at its best
Sounds exciting, doesn't it? That's because with the KUDU grill – it is! We believe in celebrating any outdoor cooking occasion. And our grills provide you with the luxury to cook as well as spend time with your guests. In addition, roasting with the KUDU rotisserie has never been easier to do. Our cooking fire pit is designed with the dinner host in mind. Because we get that cooking (and especially roasting) takes time – time that you could instead spend being part of the occasion, rather than feeling you're on the outside looking in as you slave away in the kitchen hoping that you don't burn the star of the mains.
Using a cooking fire pit to roast away
While there's nothing wrong with roasting a leg of lamb or beef in the oven, roasting with a rotisserie is something to behold. In fact, the enjoyment of sitting beside a fire while your meat roasts to perfection is something that has been done for centuries. Add a Sunday dinner into the equation, and you've got the perfect recipe for creating a memorable Sunday tradition with a difference.
The benefits
There are many benefits of choosing a rotisserie over a conventional oven, with one of the main differences being impressive even cooking - guaranteed.
As juicy as can be
Using a rotisserie to perfect the succulent juiciness of a protein is the very reason why they exist. The circular rotation of the meat helps to ensure that much of the moisture and those meaty juices stay within the protein instead of sizzling out and onto a baking tray instead.
Browned to perfection
When Sunday dinner hits the table, who doesn't reach for the crispy skin first? Instead of using rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets this delicacy first, with KUDU, everyone can have their fair share of crispy skin. That's the brilliance of the design. The whole piece of meat revolves continually so that each side gets a chance to brown evenly.
The more, the merrier
If you have a large family, then a rotisserie works like a dream to cater to many people. There's nothing worse (or more embarrassing) than a crispy piece of meat with a raw center. With the KUDU rotisserie, you can be assured that the meat will be cooked thoroughly each and every time.
A healthier alternative
Cooking with a rotisserie is healthier, as less fat and grease are needed to keep the meat moist. In other words, you don't need to baste the meat continually to keep it succulent. Instead, it bastes (also known as self-basting) in the rotisserie's steam and juices, which keeps the meat just as juicy minus the extra calories.
Sides are a non-negotiable
Together with the mains, every Sunday dinner needs a side dish/es to complement and round off the occasion. The KUDU grill has the accessories you need to make complimentary dinner dishes like steamed veggies or roast potatoes that'll make Sunday dinner complete.
And lastly, why not make it extra special?
No one said Sunday dinners need to be boring. You can reinvent the traditional Sunday dinner wheel by sprucing up the occasion a bit. Summer is here, so celebrate the sunshine by adding a bit of color and playfulness to the dinner table. Furthermore, why not celebrate all things floral and fragrant by adding a flower centerpiece or scented candles to the table (not forgetting that you'll probably need to dust off your finest to really jazz up the occasion).
Sunday dinners with a difference
Sundays are the best days for sure! So, why not take your Sunday dinner tradition outside? We love cooking in the outdoors, and if you don't already love it as much as we do, with the KUDU cooking fire pit, you're bound to. Contact us today to find out how you can get your hands on the KUDU experience.