Summertime Fruit on the Grill: Why You Have to Try It

Summertime Fruit on the Grill: Why You Have to Try It

Summer may be just about ending. But that doesn't mean to have to pack your trusty grill away just yet. You can still make the most of what's left of summer by diversifying your grilling skills a little more. And if you haven’t already tried fruit on the grill, cooking fruit this way is sure to amaze you. So why not read below to see why summertime is the best time for adding color to the menu? And why you should add gorgeous grilled fruit to any dish.

The healthy option

Sure, there are enormous health benefits of preparing fruit on the grill. The two primary reasons for this are less fat is needed when grilling. And because more nutrients are preserved within the fruit even as it's cooking. However, as with most foods prepared the 'health way,' healthy does not always equate to tasty. But with grilled fruit, it's a different story! This is due to the heat from the grill, which forces the natural sweet sugars out of the fruit. It then caramelizes on the top for crunchy sweet fruity goodness.

It's so versatile - you'll love it

While we may not succeed at perfecting the perfect burger patty all the time, having a juicy piece of grilled fruit on standby is one way to counteract the stodginess of a dry patty. In addition to this, you can pair many types of fruit combinations with meat. Or why not take them along on your next fishing trip to make your freshly prepared fish dish more bright and zesty? One just has to imagine the mouthful of juicy goodness a piece of grilled fruit brings to the barbecue table. Not forgetting those bland vegetable salads that can be spruced up with a touch of fruit to get those taste buds buzzing. Oh, and if you needed another reason to grill fruit (as if there weren't plenty already), grilled fruit can be just morish as cheesecake or pecan pie.

A match made in heaven

Sure, you can experiment with lots of different types of fruit on the grill (and you should certainly try). But there are certain types of fruit that are a better match for the grill than others. In no particular order, how are some popular fruit types that'll do well over a fired-up grill:
  • bananas
  • pineapple
  • avocado
  • figs
  • plums
  • pears, and more

Easy-peasy pairing tips

Now that you're all fired up and ready to grill, fruit in hand, you may be wondering what fruit goes with what meat or fish dish the best. As far as pairings go, fruit can pretty much go with any dish. But just in case you needed a little help, here are some tips to help you head in the right direction.
  • grilled pineapple/ mango and chicken
  • grilled figs, peaches, pineapple, and apple for pork
  • grilled apricots and figs go well with lamb
  • peaches, pineapple, apricots, and mango for beef
  • lime, lemon, and melon with fish
Again, this list is not exhaustive. Your pairing options are literally quite endless. Because fruit really is one of the best accompaniments to any dish. Just check out our own grilled fruit recipes to see why.

Simple to prepare as it is to eat

The art of perfecting fruit on the grill is as easy as grilled apple pie. So, we'll break it down for you in a few short steps:
  • The firmer the fruit, the better. This is to ensure it doesn't turn into a mushy mess on the grill.
  • The larger the fruit, the better it is to handle on the grill.
  • Grease the grill with a bit of olive oil to prevent those beautifully charred edges from catching.
  • And lastly, grill with the flesh side down (there are some exceptions to the rule). This will ensure your fruit is cooked all the way through.

The KUDU grill – grilling made easy

And there you have it! Summer fruit on the grill made easy with the KUDU grill and accessories. And as much as we love a summer barbecue around the pool, we think grilling is just as fabulous all year round. No matter the weather; the KUDU grill has got you covered. So, contact us today for more information about our multipurpose year-round grill!