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Grills: Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

There's something so natural about cooking in the great outdoors, especially if it's over an open fire grill. It's no wonder why people have been doing it for centuries, and why they will continue to do so for many more years to come. The facts speak for themselves - grills are the ultimate outdoor cooking accessory that can elevate any outdoor cooking experiencing from blasé and boring to something extraordinary. Let's find out why this is the case and how exactly grills can ramp up your outdoor cooking experience.

Fit for a feast

Whether it's for a party of two, five, ten, or more, an outdoor grill has the space and versatility you need to cook food that is fit for a feast. The Kudu grill has the 'chops' you need to cook almost everything and anything. From poaching, frying, searing, baking, and, yes, grilling, your guests will be spoiled for choice.

Perfect the art of grilling

Because you can't pin down grilling to anyone specific season, this gives you the chance to really perfect the art of grilling no matter the season. And having the opportunity to grill year-round means you get ample opportunity to finesse your skills when it comes to acing the perfect burger, for instance. Or achieving the ultimate rare, medium, blue, or well-done steak. It's true - the more you do it, the more skillful you're bound to become in cooking your food not only according to your taste buds - but to everyone else's too.

Experiment to your heart's content

There really is nothing a grill can't cook. From fruit to veggies and everything in between, cooking on a grill allows you to experiment with different flavors and flavor combinations. And you don't just have to stick to your traditional backyard flavors, either. Actually, the KUDU Grill pays homage to South African flavors and its famous braai culture. And there's a reason why - from biltong steak to boerewors to pap and more, you can get a taste of what makes these flavors truly unique. Besides Africa, cooking on the KUDU grill can transport you to other different parts of the world, allowing you to experience different types of cuisines from near and afar.

Make the most of the outdoors

Whether you're camping, fishing, or the lot, outdoor grilling is one way to make the most of the glorious outdoors without having to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. Meals are easy to prepare over the grill and just as easy to clean up afterward (if you know the right hacks), leaving you more time to absorb the sights and sounds around you.

A food extravaganza

Cooking over the grill doesn't mean you're limited to cooking just proteins. The versatility of the grill means you make your next barbecue a food extravaganza. Throw on a whole cauliflower for dramatic effect, and sizzle away to crunchy goodness. Roast chili and peppers for a maximum spicy effect. Or why not try grilling fruit to give savory dishes a sweeter aftertaste? Better yet, you could take your grilling skills up a notch by making your own dips, sauces, and marinades by taking veggies all the way to skin-popping goodness over the grill too.

Take it anywhere

Going on holiday means something different for everyone. Whether you're vacationing near the lake, fishing the day away, or glamping it in the woods, the KUDU grill is compact and easily transportable so that you can take it with you on your outdoor expeditions. Assembling is easy, too. And grilling is even easier. Furthermore, with the KUDU Grill, you can whip up a quick meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in no time, no matter where you happen to be.

And just in case we forgot to mention smoking...

If you don't know it already, cooking over grills allows you to infuse smoky flavor into every piece of choice meat or vegetable. Use flavored wood or charcoal to add a new dimension of smoky flavor to an otherwise ordinary dish.

The go-anywhere grill anything open fire grill

Getting the chance to cook outdoors often signals a specials occasion. And with the KUDU Grill and accessories, you really can elevate the ordinary to something exemplary. Contact KUDU Grills today to see what outdoor grilling heights this open fire grill can take you to.