Stebin Horne

The KUDU Open Fire Grill has its origins in South Africa, where early humans gathered in caves over a million years ago to cook meat over fire for the very first time.

Quite a few years after that, Georgia boy Stebin Horne traveled there to meet the family of the woman he’d fallen in love with, and found himself loving the South African culture and traditions as well. The communal homemade braais where friends & family gathered around an open flame to cook, eat, and socialize in an unhurried way gave inspiration for the KUDU.

Ambitious Dreams And

Hard Work

Stebin returned to America to develop a way to bring this experience back home. Mercer University awarded Stebin a fellowship from its Mercer Innovation Center for the promising work he’d done turning the KUDU from a dream into a reality.

The KUDU Open Fire Grill is the end result of years of ambitious dreams, and the hard work necessary to make those dreams reality. Around a fire, surrounded by people we love, ready to eat.