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As you might have gathered, we love our meat grilled. Most of the time, a flame-kissed burger or skewer of cajun prawns hits the spot, but sometimes we’re in the mood for something turned to perfection, something different.

Like a whole juicy rotisserie chicken or succulent stacked lamb, ready to play the starring role in a shawarma masterpiece. It was these vivid food dreams that led us to create our own rotisserie. Built for the KUDU, we took a standard rotisserie set up and turned it into a piece of outdoor cooking history, releasing the first-ever single point rotisserie. What does this mean? The KUDU rotisserie allows you to position the spit bar anywhere over the fire, giving you complete control of positioning, temperature, and timing.



Like the KUDU Grill, the rotisserie is simple and quick to set up and portable. The KUDU Rotisserie comes in 3 parts and takes less than 2 minutes to set up.

1. An adjustable height and swivel mechanism. This piece slides into the side pole. It allows you to move the rotisserie up, down, left, or right at any point during the roasting process.

2. The spit bar is where your meat will lock onto. The bar hooks into the adjustable height and swivel mechanism. Made of steel, the spit bar is durable, easy to clean, and capable of fitting large meats to slow cook perfectly.

3. The battery system allows the spit bar to rotate, ensuring even cooking at a steady pace for whatever meat you’re cooking.



When most people think rotisserie, they think of the store-bought rotisserie chicken from Costco. We’ll never hate on Costco, but for those who love any excuse to marinate and season their choice cuts with their own secret flavors combination, adding the rotisserie to your set is a game-changer. We appreciate rotisserie originality; we’ve seen it all from your classic leg of lamb and pork loin, to porchetta and pineapple!



Depending on the type of meat you’re turning, preparation is key. Season, spice, and marinate well — the flavor profile is up to you, so you can be as creative as you want with flavoring. Once your KUDU is fired up, and the coals hot, it’s time to balance your meat out on the spit bar. Try to position your meat as equal-sized as possible from end to end on the bar so the cooking time can be consistent. Lock the spit bar into the adjustable height and swivel mechanism, switch the battery on and let the rotisserie burn and turn. Keep your marinade close, basting the meat as often as you feel necessary.



The KUDU is simple, yet far more capable than any other grill on the market today. It’s built to offer control and versatility, giving you unlimited cooking and orientation options.

The KUDU Rotisserie is the perfect addition to the KUDU Grill. In keeping with the “take your KUDU with you” concept, we’ve made the rotisserie battery-operated. This way, you’re not bound to setting up your rotisserie near a powerpoint.

Forget the store-bought rotisserie chicken and get outside, setup, and let your KUDU Rotisserie do the work. Soak up the sun with a much deserved cold one while your chicken turns to perfection.

Get your very own KUDU Grill and enjoy an outdoor BBQ! Contact us today. And don’t forget to follow us on social media.