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Meat on a stick? Our answer will always be yes! The KUDU Rotisserie kit is the perfect accessory for a first-time rotisserie cook; it’s also a hot topic and a popular add-to-cart for rotisserie connoisseurs.

We love the ease and convenience of the KUDU Rotisserie, and of course, we love whatever piece of meat is slow-cooked on it till tender, juicy perfection.

Not that you need much convincing, but here’s just a few reasons why the KUDU Rotisserie should be on your add-to-cart list.

Level up

A KUDU Grill fun fact: in July 2019, KUDU announced the addition of the rotisserie—the first-ever single-point rotisserie system—to be exact. A bit of a mouthful, but in grilling terms, it means you can move and position the rotisserie anywhere over the fire, making space for other dishes while the rotisserie turns.

Another amazing level up of the KUDU Rotisserie, it’s battery-operated, which means you can rotisserie anywhere.

Cook a whole lunch, dinner starters and sides, while your rotisserie meat slow-cooks undisturbed to succulent, evenly cooked 5-star dinner perfection.

Lock and load

We’re always looking for ways to make your grilling experience more fun, tasty, and experimental. Floating sausages, flying fish, rotating ribs, XXL kebabs, outside of the norm of a chicken, pork, lamb, and beef roast, we’ve seen it all and more cooked on the KUDU rotisserie.

It’s exciting inviting all your people over for a home-cooked rotisserie with all the trimmings. What meat will you choose, what flavor profile will you use? Is it lunch, is it dinner — maybe both?

Once you’ve decided and completed your prep of season, spice, and marinade, it’s time to lock and load your creation on the KUDU Rotisserie spit bar. Try to position your meat as equal-sized as possible from end to end on the bar so the cooking time can be consistent. Lock the spit bar into the adjustable height and swivel mechanism, switch the battery on and let the rotisserie burn and turn.

Enjoy the party

What we love about the KUDU Rotisserie addition is that you don’t need to be hands-on. Besides the occasional brushing of marinade on your meat, you can kick back, relax, and mingle with your people.

WARNING – once you taste a homemade rotisserie cooked to your favorite flavors, there’s no going back to store-bought!