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One of the best spring rituals is firing up the grill and moving dinner outside. Hot dogs and burgers are often the go-to grilling recipe, but if you ask us, pretty much everything tastes better when it’s flame-grilled.
But there’s more to the grilling experience than what sears on the grate. Here’s a tidbit from us on what we think grilling is really about:

Human Connection

Looking back at our history, our ancestors lived very different lives. Without access to today’s technology, their interactions were limited to their communities, whereas today, social media has us connecting on a more surface level.
With access to the world over a screen, many of us have lost our ability for intimate human connection.
The good news — as humans, we have an innate need to be social, to connect, and to bond, and thankfully, when it comes to food, nothing unites people more than a good old-fashioned barbecue.

Creating Memories

Imagine hosting a dinner party and having your friends and family huddled around the microwave, chatting and laughing while looking in on the dim light of the microwave window until— ding! —dinners done. It just doesn’t make sense.
A barbeque provides the perfect setting to connect. Standing around a welcoming fire with a drink in hand and the sweet smell of meat and vegetables cooking on the grill, it’s the perfect kickstart to forming new connections and tying old bonds.

Sun, Fun, and Beautiful Views

If there’s one thing we’re sure about in life, it’s that food brings people together. It’s why barbecues are every household’s go-to for reeling in family, friends and colleagues. Now imagine what you could do with a portable grill?
We might be biased (okay, we’re biased), but we built the KUDU Grill to get people going and grilling outside. Without compromising on the size of the grill, the KUDU is easily portable, it takes less than 3-minutes to set up and 2-minutes to pack up, and our nifty carry bag makes it that much easier to transport.
With the warmer weather and a portable grill, you’re not bound to a backyard grill out. Drop your people a location pin and meet up for a campout, set out on a road trip, plan a tailgate, have a beach day, head out to the lake, wherever you go, your grill goes, and so does your invite list.

The Added Bonus

Besides the mental, emotional, and soulful benefits of gathering with your favorite people and being outside, food, food, glorious food is the bonus.
Steak cooked medium rare, grilled vegetables, smoked fish, curries cooked up in the Dutch oven, pork belly cooked on the rotisserie — whatever the recipe and cooking method, we love every bite of it!
At KUDU Grills, we’re all about outdoor experiences and how we can make your moments in the outdoors more fun, convenient, and tasty!