Steak & Eggs

Steak & Eggs
  1. You need the perfect heat for your open fire eggs and steak. Light your charcoal in the KUDU and let them burn to embers with a layer of white ash.
  2. Adjust your grill height over the ember at high heat. To locate high heat, place your hand over the embers and find the height you can count to 2 before having to remove your hand (approx. 600 degrees).
  3. Move your KUDU grill grate to that height and place your steak on the grill. Let the flame put a nice sear on both sides of the steak, be sure not to over char. Once you have a nice crust on the steak raise the grill to medium.
  4. Turn your steak every few minutes and use a meat thermometer to reach the desired temperature. Raise your steak and allow to rest.
  5. Bring the skillet over medium heat. Add a large spoonful of duck fat along with your onions, bell peppers and mushrooms.
  6. Make sure all the vegetables are cooking on the bottom of the skillet and turn them ever so often, cooking thoroughly.
  7. Once your vegetables have cooked down, crack the eggs over them spreading the eggs out.
  8. Scramble the eggs with your vegetables.
  9. Layer the top with cheese and mix into the scramble.
  10. Remove and serve your open fire eggs and steak.