Unleash Your Inner Grill Master with the KUDU 3

Unleash Your Inner Grill Master with the KUDU 3 Attention all grill fanatics! The wait is finally over. The revolutionary KUDU 3 is here to elevate, expand, and transform your grilling experience like never before. If you thought the KUDU 2 was a game-changer, hold onto your tongs, because the KUDU 3 is about to blow your mind! Taking everything you loved about the KUDU 2 and supercharging it, the KUDU 3 is destined to become the ultimate grilling machine for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Read on to find out why the KUDU 3 deserves a prime spot in your shopping cart and backyard! A Bigger, Better, Bolder Grilling Experience The KUDU 3 boasts an enlarged grill grate cooking surface, giving you even more space to sizzle up your favorite dishes. Add to that an increased grill surface drop, you can now get your food tantalizingly close to the coals for that perfect sear. And that's not all – the new coal grate enhances airflow, ensuring your fire burns hotter and more efficiently. Enhanced Features for Ultimate Control Cooking on the KUDU 3 is now easier than ever, thanks to taller elevation bars for more temperature control and improved cantilever locks for grill and pan rings. These upgrades allow you to precisely adjust the height and position of your grill grate, cast iron skillet, and rotisserie to cook multiple dishes simultaneously at different heat levels. Superior Stability and Durability The KUDU 3 is designed to withstand the test of time with its solid stamped steel cooking base and a wider leg base for improved stability. The improved enamel coating on the cast iron pan not only makes it more durable but also easier to clean and maintain. New Accessories The KUDU Nation asked, and we listened! We're thrilled to introduce the new KUDU Pizza Stone by popular demand. Now you can cook scrumptious, crispy pizzas over an open flame in the comfort of your own backyard or wherever your KUDU 3 adventure takes you. The Ultimate Portable Grill Don't let the size and features of the KUDU 3 fool you; it's still as portable as ever. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up and 2 minutes to pack up, and it can be transported in a custom bag. This makes it the perfect companion for tailgating, camping, or a day at the beach. Get Ready to Own the Ultimate Grilling Machine Don't miss out on the opportunity to own the KUDU 3, the ultimate grill that brings a host of improvements and benefits for the most unforgettable grilling experience. Your outdoor cooking game is about to level up, and all your friends will be envious of your newfound grilling prowess. Be the first to own the KUDU 3 and show off your skills as the ultimate grill master.