spit roasting tips

Spit Roasting Tips: Secrets to Successful Spit Roasting on the Open Fire Grill

If you’re looking for spit roasting tips, you should know that it isn’t really difficult. However, attempting this cooking method is definitely a step out of the ‘barbecue basics’ and into the big leagues. Not only is slow-cooking your meat one of the best ways to pack it full of flavor, but it’s also a satisfying experience for any outdoor chef. We have a few tricks up our grilling gloves that’ll help you cook your meat to tender perfection. So, get out your KUDU Grill and rotisserie stand, and let’s spit!
Why Bother With Spit Roasting?
While your trusty oven can always get the job done, it’s still got nothing on this simple outdoor cooking method. Thanks to the natural, smokey aromas of the open fire, cooking your bird or beast on a spit gives it a richer flavor than Jimmy Sauce ever could (but don’t get us wrong, we still love us some ranch!). Spit roasting involves rotating your meat over a consistent heat source, and with careful rotation, allows your meat to cook evenly. Sounds great, right? But wait, there’s more. This cooking method also allows the natural juices to flow back toward the center of the meat, maintaining moisture that is often lost when using other standard cooking methods. It’s also a great way to cook large things faster and get food on the table for your small army. In a nutshell, we choose to roast our Thanksgiving turkey over the open fire rather than cooking it in the oven, every single time.
5 Secrets to Successful Spit Roasting
1. To Marinade or Not to Marinade? That is the Question
After years of cooking outdoors, we’ll throw almost anything onto the fire that’s how much we love what an open fire grill does to our food. And, one specific lesson we’ve learned when it comes to spit-roasting, is that it’s not so much about the marinade but more about the animal you choose. A delicious piece of meat seasoned with some salt and cooked over the open fire often provides all the taste you need. Spit roasting truly enhances the natural flavors of your meat, so there’s no need to use a fancy concoction of sauces at all. However, if you are a marinade guy/gal, we suggest using ingredients that won’t mask any natural juices or flavor and don’t smother the poor thing either.
2. Light the Perfect Fi...You Know This By Now!
Instead of rambling on about how getting your fire ‘just right’ is vital to spit roasting, we’ll just leave instructions on how to do so right here. A Few Tips for Spit-Roasting over the Open Fire:
  • When you’re setting up your coals, leave space in the middle of the grill for a drip pan.
  • Start with high heat to sear your meat; this helps with locking in the juicy flavor.
  • Lower the temperature by spreading out your coals, and let your rotisserie turn until your meat is ready.
3. Secure the Spit (Rotisserie)
Your meat is seasoned and ready to take its place above the glorious fire you’ve prepared. You skewer it onto the rotisserie, ‘secure’ it over the flames, proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. It would be tragic for all of this to end with your meat falling into the fire, right? You must secure your rotisserie stand over your grill so that you avoid upsetting yourself or your hungry guests. You’re never too cool to read the instruction manual! Or, to get some help from fellow outdoor cooking enthusiast and owner of KUDU Grills, Steven Horne:
4. Keep a Lookout
Most people think that their grill doesn’t need much supervision when it comes to spit-roasting. However, as nonchalant as this cooking method may seem, things can go wrong quite quickly if you aren’t keeping an eye on your rotisserie. If your meat should stop roasting for some reason (motor failure, power outage, etc.), its juices will start to drip onto the hot coals and possibly catch on fire. This is not the kind of ‘seer’ you need.
Why You Should Spit Roast With the KUDU Grill
With the KUDU, you’ll have your guests amazed at how you can sit and chill and still manage to grill every dish to perfection. This is the grill for the social outdoor chef, the one who wants to enjoy quality time around the fire while also basking in the ‘hmms’ and ‘aahs’ as guests take their first bite. Whether it’s a simple rotisserie chicken or a daring attempt at fish on the spit, the KUDU Grill makes everything quick and easy. As a multi-functional outdoor grill, you can trust the KUDU to help you make the perfect fire and grill the perfect meal. Our KUDU Rotisserie kit is the perfect accessory for a first-time ‘spitter’. Roast whole beef, pork belly, and so much more with a rotisserie and grill that works for you. Contact us or visit our online shop to see more of our cooking accessories for more convenient and fun outdoor cooking!