Cutting through steak on a wooden plank, cooked on KUDU grill

Sizzlin’ Steak: Using Your Cast Iron Skillet for Steak Over the Open Fire

Knowing how to prepare and use your cast iron skillet for steak searing is just as important than the actual searing itself. As fellow outdoor cooking enthusiasts, we know that you love your grilled steak. And when it comes to cooking it over the open fire, it can break the strongest of hearts to see a prime piece of meat turn into charcoal. However, when you use a cast iron skillet for steak cooking and searing, you can cook your meat over the open fire and still achieve the texture and smokey taste you’re craving. Whether it’s medium-rare or well-done your guests desire, you can do it all with these simple tips for searing steak in the cast iron skillet.
Top 5 Tips for Searing Steak in A Cast Iron Skillet
Tip 1: Season Your Cast Iron Skillet
The beauty of using a cast iron skillet for steak searing is that you can toss and turn your meat for as long as you need to without it burning. However, you need to ‘season’ your pan for the best results. Seasoning a cast iron skillet is as simple as rubbing a thin layer of oil (any vegetable oil you have, although we prefer flaxseed) all over your pan. And then, let it bake in the oven at a temperature of 400 degrees for at least one hour. Once you have your well-seasoned cast iron skillet over the open fire, you can cook your steak to any requirement with ease.
Tip 2: Which Steak is at Stake?
Your steak choice to cook over the open fire all depends on what you prefer on the day, but not all steaks are created equal when it comes to open fire cooking. Firstly, if you’re cooking steak as the main course with no to few side dishes, you’ll need a nice thick cut. Secondly, if you are cooking on the open fire, a piece of rib-eye fillet on the bone is ideal as it has a fat content that will help against overcooking. The bone also makes it a bit easier to handle on the open fire. Your standard steak cut will usually feed two people, so consider how many guests you’ll have at your cookout when going to the butcher.
Melt off the bone steak ready for serving Melt off the bone steak ready for serving.
Tip 3: A Simple Steak is Always Best - At Least for Us
There are so many ways you can prepare your steak. Some like their meat spicy, while others enjoy leaving it to soak in some ranch the day before the cookout. But, at KUDU Grills, we love the delicious taste of a well-grilled, juicy ribeye. We love experimenting with new flavors. But the traditional, original tastes of perfectly grilled dishes is something we’re always after. For us, steak seared in some olive oil with garlic and butter is all we need to keep our bellies satisfied as we sit around the fire. Are you not convinced? Taste it for yourself by having a go at our classic Cast Iron Ribeye Recipe.
Tip 4: Using a Cast Iron Skillet Really is the Best Way to Cook Steak Over the Open Fire
Grilling your steak right over the grill grate has its perks. But, grilling it in a cast iron skillet gives the meat that much more flavor. This is because it gets to sizzle in its juices for the entire cooking time. And this makes it delectable without adding much salt. Your grill’s grates also concentrate heat wherever they touch. But the cast iron surface evens out the overall temperature, allowing for evenly cooked steak. This also creates a more consistent crust over the steak’s surface. And because the juices of your steaks aren’t dripping through your grill’s grates, there are no flare-ups, which means no scorching!
Tip 5: Heat Control with KUDU Grills Adjustable Elevation Bars
Cooking steak can often go wrong when you don’t have a good sense of heat control. Or the right outdoor cookware. However, this problem is solved when you grill your steaks with the KUDU Grill and Cast Iron Pan. Thanks to the KUDU adjustable elevation bars, you can have precise heat control for whichever dish you are grilling. This is the kind of feature you need for grilling your steaks at a consistent temperature. And by using the KUDU Cast Iron Pan, you have even better heat conduction for grilling your steaks. This allows you to cook them to the doneness of your choice without scorching them.
Sear Away With KUDU Grills
Say goodbye to your fear of scorching your precious cuts with the ease and convenience of KUDU Grills outdoor cookware. With the perfect fire and the KUDU and Cast Iron Pan as your companions, you can cook your steaks to the liking of all your guests. Contact us today, and we’ll give you what you need to make the perfect grilled dishes.