adjustable fire pit grill grate

Height Matters: The Benefits of An Adjustable Fire Pit Grill Grate

At KUDU Grills, we’re all about making outdoor cooking enjoyable and convenient. And an adjustable fire pit grate grill is perfect for grilling your food to tender deliciousness while giving you full temperature control and making you look like the grillmaster you are. Our KUDU Grill is the most versatile grill out there, featuring elevation bars and an adjustable grill grate designed to help you cook your dishes to perfection. We discuss the benefits of an adjustable fire pit grill grate and why the KUDU Grill should be next on your wishlist.
4 Benefits of an Adjustable Fire Pit Grill Grate
1. You Can Rotate Your Food Around the Heat Source
We know that cooking over the open fire can lead to overcooked or even burnt food — if you’re not careful. But an adjustable fire pit grill grate eliminates this problem by allowing you to move your food around the fire. Instead of fighting the fire’s heat, you get to work with it! Want to sear some veggies and get the steaks going? You can do that all on the same grill grate! By rotating your grate, so it isn’t directly over the fire, you can sear your veggies on the side of the grill where the heat is less intense. This allows you to grill more than one food item at a time, so that you can feed the eager bellies sitting around the campfire before you know it.
2. Keep Your Food Warm Until You’re Ready to Dig In
Sometimes when the banter is so good, you can forget about the food entirely and only remember you’re there to feast once it’s gone cold. Well, one thing you can forget about is having to reheat your food. With an adjustable fire pit grate grill, you can keep your food warm right over the open fire. Using the elevation bars on the KUDU, you can adjust the level of your grill grate, so it doesn’t sit directly over the heat. So even if you lose track with a bit of fireside chat, your food will still be piping hot when it’s time to dish up!
3. You Can Dish Straight Off The Grill
Say goodbye to using hundreds of bowls and containers so your guests can dish up their food. With an adjustable fire pit grill grate, they can help themselves straight off of the grill. Whenever you’re done cooking, you can move your grill away from the fire and allow your guests to grab some freshly grilled grub. This also means fewer dishes to clean after the cookout (and no one can object to that)!
4. Say Goodbye to Scorched Food
When playing with fire, something is bound to get burned. But not when you have an adjustable grill grate. Thanks to this feature’s flexibility, you can move your food away from direct heat but still keep it warm enough to maintain that grilled deliciousness. This is perfect for the outdoor cook who can’t resist a good chat around the fire. You can grill and keep your guests entertained, without burning the steak! All you have to do is shift the grill grate away from the fire and let it cook at that temperature for as long as you need it to.
Taking You to New Heights: Why You Need the KUDU
As the most versatile outdoor cooking stand, the KUDU Grill offers you all the benefits mentioned above and way more. With the convenience of its elevation bars and adjustable grill grate, you can take your outdoor cooking to new heights. The KUDU’s simplistic design allows you to cook over an open flame at multiple levels and temperatures. You can easily adjust both cooking surfaces horizontally and vertically from high heat to low heat. And you can do so by merely raising your cast iron pan and grill grate away from the flame. This allows you to cook your meals in so many different ways, and all at the same time! Fry, boil, bake, sear, steam, and simmer your favorite dishes over the open flame with ease. Check out our video below to see how simple and easy it is to use the KUDU Grill and its adjustable grill grate:
Grill With the KUDU
An adjustable fire pit grill grate gives you a choice for the source and distance of heat, creating perfect cooking conditions for all your grilled meals. If you love a meal prepared over an open fire, The KUDU is sure to provide you with your very own barbecue central. We love making outdoor cooking fun and straightforward. And whether you’re a pro or a beginner outdoor chef, the KUDU is something anyone can use. Visit our online shop to discover more outdoor cooking features that could make your cookouts more convenient. Or, contact us today to hear more about the KUDU’s versatility and why it’s a must-have outdoor cooking companion.