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We’ve got quite a number of reviews under our belt, and though we don’t like to toot our own horn about it, last Friday over a social grill and a couple cold ones, it came up in conversation, and our KUDU Grill buddies made a good point of why we should be sharing our reviews.

 So here it goes… below are some of our most recent reviews. We hope this helps other grilling lovers who are on the hunt for a new grill to consider the KUDU Grill for its portability, durability, and versatility.

 Epicurious Review: Open-Fire Cooking Has Never Been This Easy

 Epicurious talks of the nostalgia of open-fire cooking. The smell, sound, sight, and taste; it’s an experience that feeds the senses, which is why a good old fashioned wood or charcoal grill out is a part of so many cultures today. Epicurious reviews the setup of the KUDU Grill, its accessories, heat control, and useability. Read the full review.

 Bon Appétit Review: Why Chefs are Obsessed with the Kudu Grill

 Unlike other grills, the KUDU Grill can cook multiple dishes in different ways at the same time. It’s why so many chefs love it. They can cook a multitude of dishes with ease and serve them up with a delicious smoky flamed grilled flavor. Bon Appétit shares reviews from top chefs and gives you an understanding of how versatile the KUDU Grill really is. Read the full review.

 Esquire: The Grill That Changed My Life

 Esquire gave us a bit of a chuckle with this review. Their reviewer purchased the KUDU Grill on a whim after seeing it on sale in-store. He admits to falling victim to a few impulse buys, and when faced with the KUDU Grill in-store, not too long after that, it was in his truck, on its way to its new home. He moves on to say that it was pretty much the best impulse buy to date, so much so that he gave us a review about it. Read the full review.

 Forbes: Best BBQ Grills and Smokers for Fall: Cooking with Fire

 This review was a big one for us. Forbes listed KUDU Grills as one of the top A-list grills and smokers on the market. The review is short and sweet and yet somehow manages to sum up everything the KUDU Grill can do, which is a lot! Read the full review.

 An All-In-One Grill

 Constructed from heavy-gauge steel with an ultra-high temperature ceramic coating and multiple cooking options, backed by our 5-year limited warranty, you can expect a lifetime’s worth of good times, delicious food, and the best memories on your KUDU Grill.

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