The KUDU Open Fire Grill is the most innovative portable, open-fire cooking and backyard campfire system on the market. The KUDU can grill, bake, sear, saute, smoke, steam & fry, and when you’re finished cooking it easily converts to an elevated vertical fire pit.

The KUDU assembles in seconds out of the box and is uniquely portable. Suitable for the first-timer, the seasoned griller and everyone in between, the KUDU’s ease of use and versatility combine to create a unique entertainment platform for every occasion. When you’re headed into the wild, KUDU is willing and able to join your safari and provide its one-of-a-kind experience wherever you choose to roam.

The KUDU is intentionally simplistic in its form. People sometimes think that just because a grill looks robust and has a lot of moving parts, it must be capable of complex performance, but often that’s not the case. When it comes to the KUDU, simplicity of design gives way to a larger breadth of opportunity – we’ve removed all the superfluous parts, built a solid, sturdy, straightforward product, and we’re left with a unique and innovative grill that harnesses and refines all the best aspects of cooking over an open flame. Best of all, even the most novice griller can easily enjoy the Kudu with simple heat, smoke and cooking control.

When discussing the features of one grill vs. another it is easy take away the humanistic quality of what’s happening – we’re doing something that links us to our history as humans when we cook over an open flame.  The KUDU offers the simplicity required by the beginner yet the features and flexibility desired by professional chefs as mentioned in the articles below:



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