KUDU Safari Braai

The KUDU Safari Braai is an extremely versatile grilling system that allows a user to cook pretty much anything they can think of. Using a patented elevated grate system over an open fire, the KUDU grills, sautés, sears, fries, boils, smokes, and steams – and oftentimes it can do these things simultaneously. No other product allows you to steam oysters while slow-cooking a Boston Butt, or grill blackened grouper while frying shrimp, or sear a ribeye on a Himalayan salt block while sautéing vegetables on a cast iron skillet. And this is all done over an open fire!

The KUDU’s base is made from a very sturdy, heavy gauge metal, while the grilling surface is made from a slightly lighter gauge; this helps you focus on the proper grilling technique of getting as much energy as possible from the fire up onto the food.

One of the most unconventional aspects about the KUDU is the elevated grate system, anchored by two metal bars on each side of the grill. That system is excellent at teaching the proper way to control heat when you’re cooking over a live fire.

“One thing that I find magical about the KUDU is that they’re really beautifully designed to ensure that even if you’re a novice, the baseline premise of grilling is all there,” says chef Kevin Gillespie.

The KUDU is intentionally simplistic in its form. People sometimes think that just because a grill looks robust and has a lot of moving parts, it must be capable of complex performance, but often that’s not the case. When it comes to the KUDU, simplicity of design gives way to a larger breadth of opportunity – we’ve removed all the superfluous parts, built a solid, sturdy, straightforward product, and we’re left with a unique and innovative grill that harnesses and refines all the best aspects of cooking over an open flame.

When you discuss the efficiency of one grill vs. another, you take away the humanistic quality of what’s happening – we’re doing something that links us to our inherent biology as humans. Which method of cooking brings you the most immediate connection to the food you’re cooking? The KUDU, hands down, because we know that efficiency should never trump quality – especially not when it comes to food and the opportunity to bring the ones we care for closer to us.

Due to KUDU’s unique modular system, we have created a multitude of accessories to expand its cooking potential. We offer Dutch ovens, rotisseries, bread makers, oyster roasters, chicken roasters, Himalayan salt blocks, cast iron skillets, steel skillets, woks, and more. We aim to provide you with the products you need to enjoy the KUDU the way you want to enjoy it.