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Gourmet S’more

a backyard barbeque with friends standing by open fire grill

 4 halved graham crackers
 2 Kit Kats, halved and cut into 4 equal parts
  generous amount of Nutella spread
 4 large marshmallows
 1 KUDU Fire Ring

Once the food is cooked and the bellies full, keep the party going with the KUDU Fire Rings


Assemble the fire rings over the elevation bars.


Place your wood in between the bars and light it up.


Once the fire is raging, bring out the s'more ingredients.


Assemble your graham cracker with Nutella spread on one side, then place the cut piece of Kit Kat chocolate on top of the Nutella spread graham cracker. Do this on every graham cracker in the meantime and set aside.


On a stick placed just near the KUDU fire flames, roast your marshmallows until browned to perfection.


Once your marshmallow has finished, smear the marshmallow onto the graham cracker and close it with the other half of the graham cracker, like a sandwich.


Repeat, serve, and enjoy!

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