Life is hectic. There’s no way around that.

Work hours are often grueling, texts and e-mails constantly take our attention away from those we care most about. We schedule vacations – a week in the summer, a couple weekends here and there – to try to feel happy and relaxed again, but trying to fit ‘fun’ into your schedule can sometimes backfire. Enter the KUDU.

Braai is the South African word for grilling meat over coals and they’ve turned this simple act into a beloved cultural touchstone. In South Africa, braais aren’t reserved for special occasions – every day is a special occasion. At KUDU we’re inspired by that, and we created a product that brings a taste of that lifestyle into the homes (or back yards) of more Americans. And it’s an amazing taste indeed, in more ways than one – food prepared over an open fire, especially on a system as customizable as the KUDU, will change everything you thought about outdoor cooking. The KUDU’s unique design allows for a grilling experience unlike any other, and the intuitive ease of use means that everybody who takes a turn on the KUDU has the capacity to become a braai master.

“The first step to being great on the grill is WANTING to be great on the grill,” as Chef Kevin Gillespie puts it – and the path to that greatness is available to you via the KUDU.