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Whether you’ve spotted the KUDU Grill at a tailgate, seen it on social, or have a friend who swears by it, if you need any more convincing about why the KUDU Grill is the grill for you, we recommend joining our Facebook Group, KUDU Nation. 

KUDU Nation – 4,000 Grillers Strong

 We created the KUDU Nation Facebook group in 2019 to create a space for KUDU Grill owners to share their experiences, tips & tricks, recipes, and grilling advice. Since its inception, the group has evolved into a community of outdoor and food enthusiasts from all walks of life. It’s a place where you’ll find culinary masters and average joes, competitive BBQ enthusiasts, and backyard warriors.

Honest Reviews

 If you’re looking for a new grill, we’d be happy to tell you that KUDU Grill is the most awesome grill you could own. We could go on about its portability, which doesn’t compromise its size, quality, or durability. We could bring up the fact that it has ultimate heat control, versatility, and the ability to cook multiple dishes at different heat levels in different ways at the same time. We could list all the benefits of why owning a KUDU Grill trumps owning any other grill, but at the end of the day, we know you’d much rather hear it from the source — other KUDU Grill owners.

Get Fired Up To Grill

 Unless there’s an important announcement we’d like to share, KUDU HQ stays out of KUDU Nation. The group is solely a place for outdoor enthusiasts and grilling lovers to share the one thing they all have in common — KUDU grilling.

 The group is active every day, with members sharing pictures and videos of their cookouts and recipes. Members also utilize the group to seek advice, tips, and tricks from other KUDU Grilling members, and everyone is always happy to help.

 Join KUDU Nation

 Maybe you’ve seen the KUDU Grill in action, or maybe you’ve just heard of it, or heck, maybe you Googled top 10 grills in America, and it popped up; whatever the reason you came across KUDU Grills check out what it’s all about from other KUDU owners.

Join KUDU Nation Facebook group today.