Stebin Horne, the innovator behind the KUDU Safari Braai, is a man on a mission, and that mission is, in its purest form, helping people slow down and enjoy their lives a bit more. A Macon native and graduate of the University of Georgia and Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law, Stebin followed in his family’s footsteps and practiced law until he began to feel dissatisfaction with the corporate lifestyle tugging at him; he made the difficult choice to abandon the comfortable and familiar in search of a life that felt more authentic. Heading out across country on his GS Adventure Stebin found the freedom he had been longing for and chose to build his professional life around this mantra. While living in Atlanta he met RoosMaryn, a native of South Africa and the woman he would one day marry. RoosMaryn took Stebin home to meet her family, where he got a taste of the kind of adventure and freedom he’d been craving – and where he also experienced his first braai. Upon his return to America, Stebin founded Classic Overland, a business that imports meticulously restored Land Rover Defenders from South Africa; he wanted to bring a little of the exciting South African experience into the sometimes-too-regimented American routine. Next, he spent 18 months designing and perfecting the KUDU Safari Braai as the next step in his lifestyle company – time well spent, as Mercer Innovation Center named Stebin an inaugural Mercer Innovation Fellow based on the strength and potential implicit in the KUDU’s design. Stebin lives in Macon with his wife, RoosMaryn, and 2 children.